Design: A Pop of Animal Print

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I fall in love with my husband a little bit more every day.  And a few times each year, mostly at major life events, but sometimes when he says or does just the right thing, I fall in love all over again.  And though it may not compare to the tougher times, like when I was really sick and hubby had to do everything for me; the day he told me he liked my leopard print throw, that it went with our decor perfectly, well, I fell in love a lot again.  (And side note: Did you catch Courtney’s post about her animal-print hating date? Basically Courtney went on a date with a man who, immediately out of the gate, told her how much he despised when women wore leopard print.  Ew. #dealbreaker)

Okay, I’m way off track.  Animal prints in interior decorating.  Keep it simple by throwing in just one or two bold animal print accents.  That way, people who maybe wouldn’t bathe, sleep, and dream in animal print, can tolerate … nay, even appreciate, that gentle touch of chic animal print.

zebra cowhide rug white parsons desk lucite chairs office leopard pillow cream stud sofa lonny Courtney Giles Interiors via Atlanta Home mag zebra pillows living room

If you’re particularly leopard-obsessed, check out my Leopard Print Interior Decorating post, here.

Images via Architectural Digest // Decor Pad // Lonny Mag // Courtney Giles Interiors



    • Lexi

      haha, I definitely agree! I try to spread it out. 🙂

  1. I love how this incorporates so many different colours yet still manages to look understated!

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