Vacation Recap: London, Part 2

In case you missed it, earlier this week I launched into my vacation recap (a.k.a., my crazy awesome London-meets-Italy adventure, all thanks to Rimmel!)  The second half of our London trip, maybe the more luxe part of our trip, was all about shopping, high tea, and all of the gorgeous London fashion.

Harrods London vacation _

Let’s start with Harrods, shall we?  It’s a fantastic seven-story department store full of goodness, and gourmet food, and Prada.  It’s also packed with herds of tourists, but it’s oddly part of the fun.

London Harrods Prada loafers _ Balenciaga London Harrods _ London Harrods flower dress Valentino _ Harrods London flowers purple _

Harrods London vacation limes _ Harrods London vegetables stalls _

The food stalls in Harrods are incredible.  An entire floor is devoted to gourmet foods, produce and mini restaurants (including a sushi bar, and a champagne and caviar bar).

Laduree London tea cups _ Laduree London macaron vanilla _

Although it may not be Paris, the Laduree in London is still quite fabulous.  I talked hubby into having tea at Laduree (in addition to the more formal tea we had reservations for the next day), and it was just perfect.  The macarons are so so good.  Hands-down favorites: raspberry and vanilla.

Maggie Jones London vacation _

Eat at Maggie Jones’s.  It’s rustic, romantic, and so very British.

London travel vacation shopping buildings _ London travel vacation shopping buildings flag _ London travel vacation shopping Louis Vuitton bond street _ London travel vacation shopping buildings Louis Vuitton Dinosaur gold London travel vacation shopping buildings Louis Vuitton Dinosaurs gold _ London travel vacation shopping buildings Louis Vuitton Dinosaur fossil gold

Sunday we wandered.  The areas around Mayfair and Hyde Park are beautiful.  The designer stores on Bond Street and the art galleries of Cork Street and St James’s are magnificent.  Each storefront rivals the next with innovative displays.  I also now really want a gold Louis Vuitton fossilized dinosaur … that and a Louis Vuitton bag.

London vacation travel _ London vacation travel brick building _ London vacation tiffany co. shopping travel _ London vacation travel Vivienne Westwood _

And then there was high tea at Brown’s Hotel. It was everything I was looking for. You just can’t go to London without having one over-the-top tea service. And really, all I kept thinking was, it’s high time America gets on board with the afternoon tea trend. I got so much more shopping done post tea and scones, which leads me to believe, I could be a better and more efficient lawyer, blogger, etc. with a mandatory tea and cookie break.

London Vacation Browns Hotel High Tea London Vacation Browns Hotel Tea sandwiches London Vacation Browns Hotel High Tea scones London Vacation Browns Hotel High Tea dessert London Vacation Browns Hotel High Tea desserts
Stay tuned: next up I’ll be sharing all about my visit to the Rimmel London Headquarters, a.k.a., my dream makeup closet.  (After that, I’m talking Italy!)



  1. Great photos. I know what you mean about tea, now every afternoon about 3 I need some caffeine and sugar!

    • Lexi

      Thank you! You really must – it’s such an amazing city!

  2. Annie

    Ahh this makes me want to plan a trip to London 🙂 Such amazing photos…looks like an awesome time!

    The Other Side of Gray

    • Lexi

      It really was and you definitely should! 🙂

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