Summer Arm Party Trends

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Summer marks the start of truly awesome arm parties.  Our arms are bare, and color is in full force.  This Summer, my favorite bracelet stack trends include mixing metals and color, embroidery floss and plastic, leather and beads, and I love it all.

And since I can’t get enough of the friendship bracelet trend, neon floss goes glam with with metal trimming, studs and crystals … ahem, this adorable little frieda&nellie bracelet and this Hipanema multi-cord friendship bracelet with heavy gold clasp. #swoon

I’m also all for throwing together DIY floss and beaded bracelets, including bright plastic summer camp beads – which I swear to you are still awesome to this day.  (By the way, I love Grace’s easy-as-could-be DIY chain and embroidery floss bracelets , Jenni’s suede knot chain bracelet DIY + the girls at Honestly WTF have a whole list of amazing DIY edgier friendship bracelet tutorials.)

Oh, and this Venessa Arizaga charm bracelet, well it’s just awesome.

Get the Summer Arm Party Look:


Images:  coohuco // Song of Style // Diana Kang // Jak & Jil // Song of Style // Jak & Jil



  1. Rachel

    I love all the fun, bright colors. Now if I can only find bracelets that won’t fall off my tiny wrists…

    • Lexi

      Mine are super small too – I like cuffs that can be squeezed tighter and friendship bracelets that I can tie. 🙂

  2. Alyssa

    I love a good summer arm party! The more the better–I feel like you can get away with it in summer. I love bright, friendship-bracelet inspired pieces!

  3. alyson

    your post goes so well with Kim’s today. Love all of this inspiration!

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