9 Go-Anywhere Mini Crossbody Bags

When I travel, I have to mentally prepare myself to pack lighter, and most importantly, to carry light for day.  When you’re trekking through a city, hopping on subways and buses, and trying to see (and eat) as much as you possibly can, carrying only the essentials is … well … essential.  And I suck at that.  I generally carry a bag the size of a house, and I’m prepared for everything and anything.  Seriously, I’m the girl with the tissues, powder, sunblock, chapstick, bandaids, antibacterial, bobby pins, hair ties, back-up nail polish, makeup removing pads, candies, power bars, eye drops, and every over-the-counter medication you an think of.  But not when I travel … or so that’s the plan.  On our honeymoon, I carried my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. bag nearly everywhere, but I’ve had my eye on these adorable (and colorful) mini crossbody bag options for summer.

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Get the Bags (clockwise from top left): Cleobella Cantina Medium Bag // Tory Burch Amalie Adjustable Mini Bag // Juicy Couture Emblazon Mini G Bag // Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Bag // Diane von Furstenberg Milo Mini Quilted Bag in Silver // Liebeskind Tibby Cross Body Bag // Rebecca Minkoff Bright Weave Mini MAC Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs Goodbye Columbus Mini Crossbody // Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Cross Body Bag in Periwinkle



  1. Alyssa

    I have the RM crossbody in bright green for summer. It’s so cute, and light so I don’t carry around to much crap with me!

  2. Rachel

    I wish I had the budget to splurge, but I’ll stick to my Target crossbodies for now 🙂 I ADORE that Juicy Couture one, though!

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  4. Wow love the colors, designs and stylishness of these Crossbody bags . Thanks Lexi for sharing such a great items!

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