5 DIY Braided Hairstyles

On our last visit to Europe in the early Summer, it was pretty darn hot, so this year, I traveled prepared: tank tops, loose dresses, sandals, and an arsenal of cute updos to try.  (And by the way, the weather in Europe this time around was totally nutty – some days it was cold, some days it was crazy hot, and most evenings it rained – at least for an hour or two; so as you can imagine, updos were very necessary.)

5 braided DIY hair hairstyle tutorials _ glitterinc.com

1.  I’m tempted to try this pretty side french braid low updo hair tutorial (though I’ll admit, I’m still a bit intimidated) … loving the low-slung look of the braid — and Love Meagan even offers up a video to walk you through the process.

2.  I’m a huge fan of this pretzel braid tutorial featured on A Cup of Jo (created by her friend Caroline) – easy, holds tight, and keeps absolutely all of the hair up off of your face and neck for the hottest of Summer days.

3.  This double braid messy bun will likely be my go-to travel updo every time I travel – I love braiding up my long-ish bangs, especially when it’s hot, and the double braids here really gussy up the simple bun.

4.  Believe it or not, I have never attempted a fishtail braid, but I see so many pretty versions around, that I know this will be a must-try.  {Definitely following The Beauty Department’s fishtail braid video tutorial.}

5.  The boho crown braid tutorial that Brooke White (of The Girls With Glasses) created for Little Miss Momma is awesome.  I love that the boho crown works either as a full updo, or just a thin braided crown for a half-down look (perfect for those travel days when you want to look a bit more “done” but don’t want to break out the blow-dryer).

I’ll also by trying my hand at these head scarf tutorials while I’m overseas, because I love any excuse to play hair dress-up with a vintage scarf.

What are your go-to summer and travel “do’s”?



  1. Joelle

    I love all of these. My summer hair is just a big bun on the top of my head, but only because I am not coordinated enough to braid my own hair. If I did, I’d definitely be trying one of these 😉

    • Lexi

      I have the same problem — I am so uncoordinated! Usually I’ll just have my sister help me when she’s around. 🙂

  2. elahe

    hi lexxi

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