Guilty Pleasures: Gossip

So I know that word, the “G” word, is bad and all, but hear me out, ladies.  Gossip gets a bad rap.  I’m not talking about high school gossip, the kind that gets you into loads of trouble, hurts feelings, burns bridges (truth be told, that was never my cup of tea … mostly because I was shy as could be in high school); I’m talking about the kind of gossip where you go out for a bite to eat with friends (preferably at a restaurant that serves french fries and ice cream sundaes), swap war stories and seek sage advice, all over pretty cocktails, while laughing your pants off.  That kind of gossip, it’s my favorite kind.  Sex and the City gossip. 

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Women get this bad reputation, as though we sit around, clucking like hens, stealing secrets and spreading them around, but for most, that’s hardly the case.  Gossip is sharing, laughing, commiserating.  Gossip is sealing friendships and leaning on one another, to share the good, the bad, the ugly.  I think that’s why I love chick flicks (see, guilty pleasure number two).  And watching chick flicks amongst friends, well that’s just awesome.

So spill:  do you love gossip as much as I do?  What are your guilty pleasures?


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  1. Love a good gossip session with my best friend. Nothing that hurts anyone just plain old gossip!

  2. Chelsea

    I love some good gossiping (as long as it’s innocent)! I’m seriously excited for a new Alyssa Milano show too. Thanks for sharing Lexi.

    Chelsea & The City

  3. Meredith

    Recently read a book re communication styles and gender. I know it’s cliche, but (in general) woman talk to each other feel emotionally connected and men talk to convey information. Nothing wrong with gossiping in my book!

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