DIY Home Projects for The New Place

Tomorrow we’re moving into our new apartment and my list of DIY’s to try for the new place is a mile long.  But alas, we’re renting, so I’m trying to reign in my DIY obsessions, targeting only those DIY’s that I can pick up and move to city number two in just under two years. I put together a list of the projects that are musts … here’s to hoping I get around to them all!

gold-dipped jars and bottles flowers _

1.  Gold-dipped jars + bottles.  Really I want to gold-dip everything, but I’ve been keeping my obsession at bay in the last few months because I knew we were moving. But come summer, I’m dipping and spray-painting errythang.  {Image via Style Me Pretty}

diy frame vintage jewelry display _

2.  DIY Jewelry Display.  This jewelry display, created by Lulu Frost and the girls of Honestly WTF, has been on my “wtf, I must have that!” list since I spotted it back in early February.  I made a good and proper pouty face at hubby the other day, batted my eyelashes, and handed him a just-baked cookie, and voila – he promised to help me drill and glue and put one of these bad boys together for our new place.  Success!  {Step-by-step instructions via Honestly WTF}

diy white frame gallery wall _

3.  DIY White Frame Gallery Wall.  I’m dreaming of a clean space – probably on a bedroom wall – where I can fill in inspiration, shoot blog photos, and practice my spray-painting skills.  {Via Cheetah is the New Black}

diy mix-and-match white dining space nook pillows books _

4.  DIY Mix-and-Match Dining Space.  I’m dreaming of a much funkier dining area.  Though the space will be small, we love to eat and entertain, and I’d love an eating space that really represents us.  I’d love to mix-and-match the chairs and possibly re-finish our ordinary brown dining table.  {Check out more of my eclectic dining room inspiration on my Kitchens + Dining Pinterest Board; Image via Design Rulz}

diy well-organized entryway ikea _

5.  A well-organized entryway.  Because we’re moving to a smaller space, I want to make the most of the room that we have.  And our new place actually has a cute little entryway that we could use for storage.  {This entryway was created using products from Ikea, making it a budget-friendly design … a.k.a., my kind of project!}

What DIY projects for the home have you seen and fallen in love with as of late?  Any tips or tricks for decorating a small space?



  1. Elisa

    Great diy’s! I love the dining room and organized entry. You really can’t go wrong with all white these days, and when you move out you don’t have to repaint! Happy new home!

    • Lexi

      I totally agree – white is definitely clean and easy! And thank you! 🙂

  2. Isabel

    Great ideas! Can’t wait to see gold-dipped everythang!

  3. Alyssa

    I just moved too, and I’ve been doing SO many DIYs in preparation for it. There are few things that are still on our list, but the place is definitely coming together!

  4. I have a very similar board for my jewelry and I love it. It is a great way to keep things from getting damaged and you get to look at all your lovely jewelry all the time.

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