The Coffee Habit

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I’ve come to a disturbing realization: I drink way too much coffee.  I blame the office environment (because surely it can’t be me.)  Working in an office, you start to develop this Pavlovian reaction to the smell of coffee.  So much so that even when a pot of fresh coffee isn’t brewing, your mind plays tricks on you, it’s 3:00pm and you’re exhausted, and you could swear you smell coffee.  So you make a pot.  And have your third cup of the day.  Or when you’re out shopping, you make at least two visits to the mall’s Starbucks counter.  (In shopping’s defense, shopping can get really tiresome.)

So I’m trying to kick the habit.  Or at the very least, curb the addiction.  I’m at a quiet roar right now with a lame-o one cup of coffee in the morning.  And I still cheat, because who am I kidding, three glasses of iced tea at lunch packs plenty of caffeine.  But I’m trying to limit that too.  I swear I’m suffering in the office most of all.  The pots of coffee keep on getting brewed, and some days, I still go for cup number two.  All suggestions are welcome.  I love tea – but most of the teas I love are packed with caffeine (green and black tea).  And the idea of chamomile tea puts me to sleep just thinking of it (also, it reminds me of a spa, and since I’m generally nowhere near a spa, I’ll spare myself the wishful thinking).  I’m trying a box of decaf earl gray right now, but it’s not quite doing the trick.  I like Starbucks’ passionfruit tea – so good – and caffeine free – but I’m spoiled and only like it on ice (the green straw is not half bad either … I’m a straw slut), so that’s not always going to work.  Any thoughts or tips for kicking the caffeine habit (or tricking myself into thinking I’ve gotten my “fix”)?

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  1. Liz

    That’s tough! I’m right there with you. I even use going down to get a cup of coffee in the office as a 5 minute escape from my desk which leads to way too many trips. When the weather is nice I try to make a couple laps around my office building at lunch. It definitely curbs my afternoon craving. Good luck!

    • Lexi

      It’s so true – coffee is a good escape – especially when the days are getting really long! Definitely going to try walking around a bit more. Thank you!

  2. I have the same problem…& have yet to find a solution 🙁

  3. I completely went off caffeine when I was pregnant and it took about 3 months to get it completely out of my system. As soon as I had my son I went right back to it and I think I’m more addicted now than ever!

  4. I’m trying to limit my coffee too. I drink one iced coffee in the morning and am getting into a habit of having a second one in the afternoon everyday. I’m trying to have some days without the second serving. I find that if I’m really busy through the second coffee time (330-5ish) then I’m ok, but that’s much easier said than done!

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    • Lexi

      Tell me about it! Even when I am crazy busy, I still manage to sneak in a second cup. So bad.

  5. Amy

    i’ve never liked coffee for some reason so i don’t drink it at all! i’m a green tea girl, so i definitely suggest trying out some different teas to try and replace some of your coffee with. 🙂

  6. Rachel

    I’m really lucky that I’m not addicted to coffee (I drink it from time to time, but that’s it). It’s an addiction and can become expensive. Best of luck! 🙂

  7. little t

    I don’t drink coffee, but I need a similar pick-me-up for shopping days. Exhausting!

  8. I’m impressed by your will power. I’m totally addicted to coffee. I can freely admit it, but I am nowhere near ready to kick the habit. Well, unless I get pregnant. Then I think I have to go down to one cup a day. xo

  9. rita

    i love espresso and iced coffees and would drink them all day long if i could, but then i’d never sleep. i’ve found a latte or coffee in the AM and then green tea (my favorite are stash green tea pomegranate and yogi green tea kombucha – try that iced with sparkling water and lemon!) and a ton of water is the perfect amount – as you start to kick the habit, it’s probably easiest to do it little by little and definitely focus on upping your water intake!

  10. I quit coffee when I had NO choice (damn you, ulcers). For me, I had no other option than to go cold turkey, and swapped it for multiple cups a day of PG Tips black tea, flavored with lemon juice and honey. It’s been over 3 years now, and while I allow myself to indulge in the occasional almond milk cappuccino, which I treat like dessert, I’ve successfully kicked the daily coffee habit. A morning green juice (check my blog for a recipe) and LOTS of water during the day often helps keep your energy up as well!

    • Lexi

      Yikes – that had to be tough! Though I’m definitely going to check out that tea. Thank you SO much for the advice!

  11. I totally feel you…but I can totally take or leave coffee. My problem? Diet Coke. I eat super healthy, mostly organic, all-natural, etc., but the one bad habit I can’t kick is the DC. I’m working on it…but it’s a tough one! Good luck with the coffee cutting back- I feel your pain!

    • Lexi

      I used to do the same … I drank sooo much diet coke in law school … but I guess I’ve switched caffeine habits. lol.

  12. Tori

    I’m also trying to kick my coffee habit, and doing pretty good! I put my coffee maker at home away in a cupboard, so if I want coffee it’s a real ordeal to bring it out. You can’t really do that in an office though. If I go to a coffee shop to work (almost daily), then you have to buy something, so I’ve been getting a dirty chai – the best drink ever! A Chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. Still gives me a kick, but doesn’t taste like coffee so I think I’m weening myself off.

  13. I absolutely HATE coffee, but I’m completely obsessed with iced tea. I could go through 20 glasses a day if my husband would let me. It’s bad.

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