Our Big Wedding Story

I’ve never shared my wedding here, and I’m not sure why. I guess I was keeping private this ridiculously special time in our lives, I swear I have no idea why, but two-and-a-half years later (wow – time flies!), and with plenty of requests for a peak inside our wedding day (I love you guys! And the blog gives me added courage …), I figured, now was as good a time as any to share a look at our own wedding.  I am a wedding fanatic – and of course, that’s no secret to anyone.  Post-wedding, I still have a blog fully dedicated to weddings and events, and I happily browse wedding sites and pick up wedding magazines at the grocery store, for research sake, of course. And though I found plenty of inspiration for our own wedding, I worked tirelessly to make sure the whole weekend (we had a destination wedding), was so very us.  My husband was full of ideas and opinions too (ladies: don’t be fooled by the idea that the groom has no interest … plenty of them do!)

lexi-and-mike-main-migis-lodge-lake-sebago-flowers-wedding-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-Migi-Lodge-wedding-maine-lantern-_-glitterinc.com

We chose a campy resort in Maine, which was crazy since Mike and I were both born and raised in Miami.  But we wanted something unique, relaxed, just a little bit indie, and chock full of great food, wine, and beer.  And I suppose our closest friends and family were used to our kind of crazy.  Migis Lodge, this picture-perfecting setting on Sebago Lake in Maine (in what seemed to us city dwellers, the middle of nowhere), had great big cabins and a gorgeous dining/dance hall all of which could be rented entirely to our wedding guests on off-season.  (That meant that 100+ guests from Miami, LA, New York, North Carolina, and so on, crashed this idyllic lakeside resort for the weekend … and boy, were we loud.)  We chose the last possible weekend before the lodge closes for season, October 30th, to be exact, and greeted our guests from all over the country at our little escape.  It happened to be freezing that weekend (thank goodness for my courageous bridesmaids!)  We hosted meal after meal, starting with a wine tasting and a Friday night dinner full of lobster and homemade blueberry muffins and donuts and macaroni & cheese all served on metal trays, a campfire complete with s’mores and warm hard cider … and singing (my family does a lot of singing), a big Maine breakfast, a picnic lunch, Bingo (yep, my pick!), board games, boat rides, one crazy fun Saturday night party … and after-party, and a big hungover brunch. And between me, my mom, my dad, my sister, Aunt, and everyone else, we planned the whole thing.

Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-lake-sebago-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-cocktail-hour-_-glitterinc.com

lexi-backgammon-grandma-migis-lodge-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-rehearsal-dinner-wedding-migis-lodge-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-wedding-sail-boat-migis-lodge-lake-sebago-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-sunset-migis-lodge-lake-sebago-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-wedding-migis-lodge-hunter-silver-wellies-rain-boots-_-glitterinc.com Lexi and Mike wedding migis lodge bingo _ glitterinc.com

Not everything went off without a hitch:  I made far too many DIY projects (seriously, it was out of control!), cameras were lost in the woods (I’d venture to guess that wine was the culprit), an ill-planned boat ride arrival left me shivering in my strapless couture gown most of the ceremony, we forgot both the bouquet and the garter toss during the party, and I ate carbs … all weekend long.

lexi-daddy-singing-migis-lodge-cabin-maine-wedding-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-maine-fall-bridesmaids-walking-coats-_-glitterinc.com lexi-and-mike-wedding-groomsmen-migis-lodge-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-lake-sebago-ceremony-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-bridesmaids-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-migis-lodge-maine-lake-sebago-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-chuppah-wine-migis-lodge-maine-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-Migi-Lodge-Maine-Fall-freezing-cold-oscar-de-la-renta-_-glitterinc.com congratulations-lexi-+-michael-wedding-chalkboard-_-glitterinc.com lexi-wedding-migis-lodge-dock-alexander-wang-freja-booties-_-glitterinc.com Lexiand-Mike-wedding-bridesmaids-knuckle-rings-_-glitterinc.com Lexi and Mike wedding migis lodge maine flowers _ glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-clapping-Migis-Lodge-dinner-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-wedding-gold-picture-frame-kissing-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-vintage-gold-wedding-rings-_-glitterinc.com Lexi-and-Mike-heart-hands-arms-wedding-rings-_-glitterinc.com

But when I look back, all I see was the most perfect weekend of my life.  Hubby and I sobbed like babies.  Yes, we were that couple.  I’ve never felt so much emotion, so much joy, so much excitement.  Mike and I were together since high school, but that day, overlooking the lake, with all of my favorite people, it all felt so new and alive.  I still get that feeling all of the time.  I stare at him and I think, “My g-d, I’m lucky.”  I also think, “What a hunk.”  And I remember our wedding day, holding hands, him trying to warm my goose-bumped arms, laughing, crying, crying a whole lot, and I love that day.

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All Images via Our Wedding, Glitter, Inc. // Photographs by Photography on the Road // Dress: Oscar de la Renta // Shoes: Alexander Wang

Whew!  That was a long one! (and I hope you enjoyed!)  Share your funny/adorable/sob-worthy wedding stories here and on the Lionsgate Facebook page, in honor of the upcoming release of the movie, The Big Wedding coming up on April 26th.


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  1. Lauren

    Thank you for sharing your special day with us. My fiancee and I are currently planning a destination wedding of our own and I must admit, I got a little emotional just looking at your pictures. The two of you look so in love and your dress is divine.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  2. Rachelle

    Thank you for sharing, your story is so beautiful and great location. I love the sweet dress with the edgy shoes.


  3. Alyssa

    Your wedding was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love your shoe choices!


  4. Kodi

    Such a beautiful wedding! Love your shoes. My husband and I were definitely that crying couple too. I didn’t know if I would cry, but as soon as I started walking down the aisle and saw all of our people there for us — bawl. We saw each other before the wedding so it wasn’t even just seeing him, it was him combined with everyone. Me crying got him crying…and yeah, happy tears the whole ceremony.
    grey et al

  5. Thanks for sharing, very pretty, I can tell everyone had a great time.

  6. Alyssa

    What a stunning wedding! It seems very “you” and I love all of the floral touches. You looked stunning!

  7. Your wedding was so stunning! SO, have to ask- in the pic of your rings, it looks like you have sleeves on? Did you add a little jacket at some point? Just curious, hah. You looked beautiful!

    • Lexi

      I just e-mailed you! No sleeves – that was actually a lace top (by Free People) that I wore the morning of the brunch. 🙂

  8. Adrienne

    I was always looking for pics of your wedding and just assumed I couldn’t find the post! I absolutely love the idea of the whole weekend getaway! It looked like a beautiful, emotion-filled wedding and I love all of your personalized ideas!

  9. I love to take a look at other people’s wedding. Not just to see the fairy tale dress and wedding but to hear people recollect the memories of being around loved ones and celebrating life and family. It’s so amazing. Not to sound super corny but it also makes me think of my wedding day (only a year and a half ago!) and how special it was. It wasn’t big or ostentatious. I don’t remember any of the things that went “wrong.” But I just remember the laughter, the smiles and the love. It’s pretty amazing. More amazing than I ever could imagine. Thanks for sharing your wedding!!

  10. Joelle

    I LOVE this Lexi! I love that you planned an entire weekend around your guests and your wedding, and I absolutely love your dress! You did an amazing job my dear, for sure. No need to be self conscious at all 😉 xoxo

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  12. Erin

    Congratulations! You look stunning!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much, Erin!!

  13. Alecia

    Such a gorgeous day and you looked stunning. Congrats!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so so much!! 🙂

  14. Fantastic photos, and I know what you mean, at the time it can seem like the most stressful event ever, so much so that you forget to truly enjoy it and immerse yourself in that experience!

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