Little Love Notes

colorful dining room little love notes _

Dear bohemian dining room that gives even the best Anthropologie store design a run for it’s money, I’m in love. I’ll certainly need to reupholster and stain all of my dining room chairs, stat.

Dear weekend, so glad you’re here, again. Hubby and I may try to squeeze in a very fancy date night tonight – tacos and a movie – and then it’s errands, work, errands, and sneaking in a few extra hours of sleep. As for the errands …

Dear apartment hunting, you stink. Shopping from one bizarre apartment to the next is a pain in the tush. We’re not even all that picky – mostly because my husband needs to be by the metro line that whisks him to and from the hospital (he starts rounds in June … right after we get back from London!) and lasts for two years (that’s it … and then after that, we match for residency.) Other than that, a bath tub and a decent kitchen would be nice. Weird leering neighbors and pipe leaks, I could live without. (How I love you, Miami. No really, I do!) Any suggestions for finding the right place to lease?

Dear future small apartment, I’ll no doubt have to adopt well-edited living for a small space (a la Amy of Amy Moore Studios).

Dear fellow comfy pants enthusiasts (mine have been standard on the busy weekends), I have been living in these adorable drawstring harem pants lately … and surprise, they’re from Forever 21. #amazeballs

Dear free time, if I find you, I’m totally making this.  {DIY Braided Rhinestone Necklace}

Dear Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, I cannot wait to fall in love with your on-screen love story once again. If you’ve never seen the the beautifully romantic dialogue-driven films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, you must. And then get ready for the May 24th release of the third installment, Before Midnight. I cannot wait. [Before Midnight actually premiered at Sundance to rave reviews. (i.e., Slate said it’s “so good it approaches perfection.”) when hubby and were in Salt Lake City for Alt Summit, and we tried so hard to make it to a screening … but ice and Floridians apparently don’t mix, and needless to say, I’m unbelievably relieved that the film is hitting the big screen.] {Watch the Before Midnight trailer here.}

Dear party planners (and fans of pretty), be sure to check out this gorgeous destination Bali wedding; from the stunning backdrop to the black and white striped outdoor cushions, to the jaw-dropping outdoor lighting and table-scapes, every inch of this wedding is pure stunning.

Dear ceiling space to playing space, clever, very clever.

Dear hubby, thank you so much for stepping out from behind the blog curtain and sharing a few details with Victoria for her series, The Man Behind the Blog.  You are officially, such a good sport!

Dear readers, any big weekend plans?  And trust me, throwing your hair into curlers, going to sleep in the same pajamas you woke up in and ordering take-out are kind of a big (awesome) deal in my book, so spill!

{Image via Country Living; Suzani fabric covers silver-painted wood seats by Redford House and Zentique’s armchairs and birch sidechairs. The pine dining table is from Restoration Hardware.}

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  1. Rachelle

    Wait! What? please don’t play with my feelings are they really making “Before Midnight” OHMIGOD!!!! I cannot wait!!!! sorry for all the excitement 😉
    No weekend plans here just trying to recover from this cold so you just made my day, forget it my week..


    • Lexi

      They are! Crazy, right? I am officially so excited! (And feel better soon!)

  2. Dana

    Argg apartment searching is the worst! I think we looked at close to 30 places last year… lesson learned, dont search for an apartment in NYC in the summer! Good Luck!!

  3. Sasha

    Your writing style is very clever and egaging! Loved reading these little notes! 😉

  4. Alyssa

    Apartment shopping is the WORST! My first time around it was super fun and exciting, but this past time was just plain old annoying. Luckily we found an awesome place I can’t wait to move into (which is saying a lot, because I’m pretty much obsessed with my current apartment and don’t want to leave). You’ll find a place, I promise!

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