Le Vie En Rose

I’m completely taken with Moda Operandi‘s latest campaign for Spring 2013. Chock full of roses in bloom and delicate vintage details, and put together like a well-read scrapbook of antique treasures, the glamorous Karlie Kloss models crush-worthy pieces like the Meadham Kirchhoff Yes Tee, the Suno Cutout Floral Dress, and the show-stopping Marc Jacobs Check Sequin Gown. I want it all.

moda-operandi-la vie en rose moda-operandi-Le Vie En Rose-marc jacobs sequin check dress moda-operandi-Le Vie En Rose 2 moda-operandi-Le Vie En Rose-4 moda-operandi-Le Vie En Rose-3

That Giles Leather and Pegasus Gown is possibly the most beautiful dress I have ever seen … okay well, one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen (because I’ve seen a lot of good dresses.)

Images via Refinery 29 // Courtesy of Moda Operandi



  1. Gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong with Karlie Kloss and lots of roses. I love fashion campaigns!!!

  2. rita

    this campaign was so good. i’m sort of obsessed with all of their work right now! and that yes tee. if i ever had $300 to spend on a tee, it would be that for sure. thanks for sharing!

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