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Last week one of my blogging bff’s, Alyson, tagged me in her “Five Random Things” post.  The idea behind the posts: bloggers share five random things that readers might not have known about the girl behind the blog and then that blogger tags five friends.  Though I know I don’t always share every bit of my private life on the blog, I thought it would be fun to share the truly random.  Sooo, like a good blogger, I’m posting my own five random things, and trust me, they are random.

no. 1 I wear Coppertone Baby Sunblock every single day – the one in the pink bottle with the blue lid. Partly because I love the smell (it reminds me of childhood and happiness and sunshine) and partly because I’m terrified of cancer.  I also wear layers and layers of clothes – tights, sweaters, boots – I ignore Spring and Summer completely.  And for the record: I live in Miami.  {My baby brother, who’s in his early twenties, calls them “poetry dresses”, everyone else jokes that I dress like a nun (except for my sister, who thinks everything I do is cool … love that kid! #scissors), and I’m pretty sure my fashion soulmates are some cross between Stevie Nicks and Rachel Zoe.  My husband sings that Iron & Wine song, Love and Some Verses, to me all of the time – “Love is a dress that you made long to hide your knees” – and I adore him for just getting me.}

no. 2 I’m terrified of scary movies.  I can’t watch them.  Truth be told, the suspense-filled scene in The Little Mermaid where Ursula busts out of the water all pissed off … that gives me palpitations.  No joke.

No. 3 I am the picky-est eater … and it’s actually something that bugs me about myself.  It started when I was a baby and I wouldn’t eat most baby food, from there I slowly refused so many forms of meat and by middle school I wouldn’t dare touch red meat, and I haven’t since.  I also won’t eat anything slimey (okrah, blech!) or that has a funky smell.  I also hate milk (which is totally weird, I know.)  I hate leftovers … hate them, and if I think something is even a little stale (cereal, crackers, etc.) I’ll throw it out (much to my husband’s dismay, who has a total obsession with stale stuff … umm, can you say “opposites attract?”).

No. 4 I have trouble making eye contact with people.  I’m actually pretty shy, and something about staring directly into someone else’s eyeballs kind of freaks me out.  I didn’t realize my then-boyfriend, now-husband had blue eyes for at least the first few weeks of dating.  He thinks it’s hilarious ( … especially because back in the day when we dated – high school, to be exact – every girl noticed his blue eyes … whoops!)  On a bright note, the first thing I notice when meeting someone: their shoes.

no. 5 I get bit by the travel bug often.  Blame my parents for my sense of wanderlust — they used to stick us in a car, plane, train at all ages, every Summer, Spring, and Winter break and off we went.  Now I want to go everywhere, see everything.  Hubby and I pinched all of our pennies to make our European Honeymoon happen two years ago and now that we seriously lucked out and won the Rimmel trip to London this Summer (and of course I’m extending the trip to include two weeks bouncing around England and Italy), I’m already talking about our next six trips.  I just can’t help myself.


So there it is!  Tagging Sarah, Lauren, Joelle, Chelsea, and Mae!

Image 1: here {TightsSteve Madden Tarnney Boots (gifted), Lulu’s Cheetah Print Stud Purse (gifted)} // Image 2: here (via A Paper Proposal // Photography by: SMS Photography)



    • Lexi

      That’s awesome! So glad I’m not alone!!

  1. alyson

    LOVE! I used to hate leftovers but my husband has made me recognize how good they are. I just do NOT get how he likes them cold. Major blech. Love getting to know more about you, bloggie bff!! xoxo

    • Lexi

      Same goes for you! Loved your post + thanks for tagging me! 😉

  2. Lauren

    #2 – Oh hi, are you me?! I HATE scary movies and cannot even watch the trailer commercials on TV. I am such a baby!

    • Lexi

      Oh my gosh – when those commercials come on I get all panicky and immediately have to fast forward or look away!

  3. Morgann

    I adore your blog! Thanks for your comment on my green sunnies post, I look forward to following you via email & on twitter!

  4. LOVE this post.. I recently started following you and DANG we have TONS in common. I am also too not a fan of leaftovers, slimely things, smelly food, and Milk (yuck). I truly enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    xx- Jamie @ Makeuplifelove

    • Lexi

      Jamie – I am SO excited to hear that! Checking out your blog right now!

  5. Crystalin

    I’d probably say I’m a picky eater too… which I think helped when I went vegan 7 years ago. Never liked milk… anything white really and I have major texture issues, nothing mushy lol.

  6. Chelsea

    Thanks for the tag doll! All of these items are totally me as well! And I hate leftovers…I throw anything out after a day.

  7. Rowan

    But everything you do do is cool… (LOLZ AT ME SAYING DODO) I am an adult… Promise!

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  9. Tammy Nguyen

    Hi Lexi! I found your blog via Hitha’s guest feature this week. I started clicking around and got to know your site. I wanted to comment on #4 because I couldn’t look people in the eye for the first 18-20 years of my life! In high school, I remember my friends working with me to try to have a conversation with them for as long as I can to work on my eye contact. Based on what Hitha said about you and how much of a rockstar you are, I felt very at eased knowing that we both shared our lack of eye contact together. 🙂

    • Lexi

      It’s so nice to “meet” you and thank you for sharing! I always feel funny admitting how shy I can get, but its nice to hear I’m not alone. 🙂

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