Eloise Goes to Brooklyn

I just had to share this adorable set of drawings by illustrator Joana Avillez which re-imagines the fan-favorite, Eloise ditching her Upper East Side lifestyle for hipster Brooklyn hotel-living; more specifically, at the Wythe Hotel. It’s hilarious (and worth the quick read).  As a child, I swooned over Eloise’s lush digs at the Plaza, but as an internet-obsessed twenty-something, I’m kind of loving that the re-vamped version of Eloise, Eloise 2.0, maintains the family instagram account.  She also rocks a snuggie and a Céline cross-body-purse-hat.


Via NY Mag



  1. I just love this! I too read all these books as a child.

  2. Lindsay

    Love this so much! Grown up me totally wants to be hipster Eloise! xx

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