15 Adorable Versions of the LBD

The beauty of the hunt for the perfect little black dress is that there are so many of them. So even though you may have stumbled across a truly perfect little black dress, nothing’s stopping you from finding another one. (errr, if your budget so allows it … But I continue to swoon.) I also totally believe that there is a little black dress for every different occasion. Which would explain the abundance in my closet. I promise you when I walk into a department store or boutique, on the hunt for a dress that fits the bill for the latest upcoming event, I have every good intention of finding something outside the box (well, my LBD box), but try as I might, nine times out of ten, I’m walking out with a new black dress. Am I the only one? What can I say — I’m in a torrid love affair with the LBD.

the perfect little black dress _ glitterinc.com



    • Lexi

      I fell in love with that dress instantly – so perfect!

  1. Ashley

    A girl can never have too many LBD’s! I’m loving all of your picks- especially that gorgeous leather-topped maxi. 🙂


  2. Ashley

    A girl can never have too many LBD’s- and I’m loving that gorgeous leather-topped maxi!


  3. Joelle

    I can ALWAYS find an excuse to buy another LBD. I honestly don’t think you can ever have too many 😉

  4. Victoria

    You can never have enough LBD’s! I love the “One by” leather top maxi!
    Have a wonderful day, Lexi!

  5. I mean, I could never get tired of LBD’s AND that Sea one is on my wishlist!!!! And seriously I want everything Red Valentino! It’s all so cute and girly! Great picks my friend!! xo

  6. Elisa

    Sadly my LBD is too little now. I love that tunic, and I do have a birthday coming up…hmmm pinning now.

  7. lauren

    I thought I had a favorite until I scrolled through and found 5 more that I loved! Such a great collection of LBDs!

  8. viv

    You can never have too many LBDs!

  9. Sasha

    Love those lacey see through detailings on the dresses!

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