Scenes From the Weekend

After landing Friday night post-two-day-whirlwind at the Target Headquarters in Minneapolis, we greeted my cousin and his wife at our house just before another packed weekend.  Saturday morning we had a family Bat Mitzvah – goofy pictures will surely follow [and I’m sure you caught a few, including my baller airbrush tattoos, over on Instagram (@glitterinclexi)] – and then Saturday afternoon/evening, we decided it was time for our annual trip to the Miami Fair.  I’m pretty convinced we go to the fair to eat and shop for neon sunglasses and useless trinkets (a.k.a., my favorite), and that’s a-okay with me.

And yes, my husband managed to find himself a bucket of fried pickle spears; needless to say, he was in heaven.

By the time we left, it was around 11:30pm, and despite all odds, we were hungry.  So we went to one of my favorite classic late-night Miami hotspots – Versailles.  If you’re ever in town, this is one of the first places I’ll recommend; great food, crazy hours, and awesome people-watching.

Chicken Imperial, hands down, the best $7.95 ever spent.  I’m going to dream of Cuban food when we leave Miami in a few years. #swallowsadness

Sunday, we had a family brunch at our local dim sum place before parting ways with our weekend guests, and then I spent the afternoon catching up on work at my husband’s lab.  (FYI: sometimes running away to a random quiet place is just what I need to get a ton of work done for the week … even if it is a conference room on the floor of a lab in a hospital. a.k.a., #fishoutofwater)

How did you spend your weekend?



    • Lexi

      Right?! My husband is nuts!

  1. Alyssa

    I have a fried who is obsessed with fried pickles! I’ve never understood it (I think they taste really weird warm…) but apparently it’s a popular thing!

  2. Candy apples and pickle spears! You had a quite a time!

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