Closet Refresh + Spring Cleaning

I recently stumbled upon a great article in Lucky Magazine all about spring cleaning, and I realized (much to my horror), that it had been ages since I had done a major overhaul/purge. And now, with the impending move to a new, and likely smaller place, it seems I may have to get serious about downsizing, organizing, and letting go of the beaded crop tops circa 1999 (yep, it’s that bad.)

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I should start by sharing an important detail about the madness that is my storage situation:  I am a memory hoarder.  I can’t throw anything away.  And when I try to throw away, I find myself four hours in, sitting on the floor amidst piles of pictures, Rocket Dogs (yeah 90s shout-out), and his and hers high school class rings (oh yes, hubby and I have been together that long!)  So because it’s Spring – and long overdue, and because moving is on the agenda, I’m going to try to tackle the clutter, room by room.

  1. Sort the things I want to keep, the things I can definitely part with, and the things I’m iffy about (then re-evaluate the iffy pile with a “get rid of it” slant.)
  2. Set a donation goal in mind: try to fill at least a box with things I can donate to someone who could actually use the things I’ve left collecting dust for far too long.
  3. Label everything.
  4. Re-think my closet and storage space.  Stores like The Container Store and Bed Bath + Beyond have amazing and brilliant closet, under-the-bed, and wall upgrades for tidy storage.

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  5. Throw out the old closet hangers and start from scratch.  (The move is a great excuse for this one!)  The ugly mis-matched hangers that currently reside in my closet are quite the eye-sore.  Plus, I’m convinced that if my closet looked more uniform, I’d be more drawn to it, and thus, hang more.  Wishful thinking? matching hangers open closet redo organization spring cleaning _
  6. Create a space for my baubles, sunglasses, scarves, and hats.  The accessories sometimes get lost in the mix and I find that if they’re not organized and in my line of sight, I tend not to wear them as often, which is just a shame.

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7.   Make an effort to keep clean and organized after that.

Do you have any useful organization tips for a major spring cleaning?

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  1. Kayla

    Okay.. So I totally love this post because I am a clean/organizing freak! Seriously.. I can’t sit down until everything is put away like it is suppose to be. When we moved into our house I dedicated the smallest room to be my office/closet area. Well.. the office area of the room has diminished and the desk has become a place to hold my overflowing jewelry.. haha! I use hooks to hang my scarves and necklaces. And I LOVEE using garmet racks to hold my clothes. I like everything out where I can see it! I need to go through my clothes again and donate things I haven’t worn in a while.. thanks for the inspiration! : )


  2. Elisa

    I’m the complete opposite when it comes to stuff. I throw out everything-to a fault. I find myself all to often wishing i’d held on to that denim jacket from college.

  3. Chelsea

    I agree with Elisa, I’m a serial discarder! I always find myself wishing I had held onto things I threw away during a cleaning frenzy.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants Lexi. I definitely need to start Spring cleaning!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. I’ve done each of these recommendations, and I highly recommend them! The one thing I will add is to do a seasonal purge of your items. Hang your hangers in an opposite direction every 3 months, and as you wear them flip them to the normal side. The clothes on the unflipped hangers get immediately donated. Good luck with the purging – and never ever donate a denim jacket (I’ve bought three over the course of 5 years, eek)

    • Lexi

      I love that suggestion – brilliant!

  5. I’m sentimental with my clothes too, but I’ve gotten a lot better at giving things up. I’m pretty good with organization though, I just have to redo it every few weeks because I start to get messy 🙂 But once everything is clean and tidy its so nice! 😀

  6. Susannah

    Good luck with your spring cleaning, dear!

  7. Great tips on spring cleaning! I’m pretty good about getting rid of things I don’t wear but I still have a few pieces that I just can’t depart with, however rarely I wear them!!

  8. I moved at the end of last year and am still struggling to get my closet in order. I want to work on getting my accessories out in the open too, so ill wear them more.

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