Arhaus Jewels + Borrowing From Mom

My mom has always been this ironic mix of caregiver and ruler of the family (strong and organized … and totally impressive), and free-spirited flower child.  My brothers and sister and I always joke that the day she retires, really retires, she’ll start growing out her straw-colored blonde hair, braid it to the floor, and take to gardening, sewing, and rescuing stray animals.  Actually, scratch that, she already does all that, but we make her wear shoes … and cut her hair.  She’s always had this hippie-esque aesthetic, neutral tones mixed in with vibrant colors, a big fan of polished silvers and earthy stones, my sister and I always giggle about the cooky jewelry and dresses she buys, and then we steal them from her closet when she’s not looking.  So when Arhaus Jewels approached me with their beautiful catalog of earth-toned jewels, hammered metals, leather wrap bracelets, and a few big bold statement pieces – created by a variety of artists and jewelry makers, I thought instantly of my mom, and also considered that maybe, just maybe, I could lay off “borrowing” her jewels if I had a few of my own.  Of course, I chose a handful of the edgier pieces to suit my style, while embracing some of the more natural aspects – leather (which I love!), big chunks of turquoise, and hammered gold – but something tells me I won’t get to keep my picks for very long.

Arhuas-jewels-Miami-bracelets-rings-earrings-_-glitterinc.com_ Arhaus-Jewels-wrap-bracelets-rings-ikat-pajama-trousers-steve-madden-lace-up-boots-alexander-wang-bag-_-glitterinc.com_ Arhaus Jewels wrap bracelets rings steve madden boots alexander wang rocco _ Arhaus turquise leather wrap bracelets gold stacking rings _ arhaus-turquoise-leather-wrap-bracelets-gold-_-glitterinc.com_

What I Wore: Topshop Ikat Trousers (borrowed from my sister!) // Striped Cardigan (Similar) // Steve Madden Gretell Booties // Alexander Wang Rocco Bag // Arhaus Jewels (c/o)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Arhaus Jewels. All opinions are my own.



  1. maya

    Love these pretty accessories! I could seriously use some new goodies in my jewlery box!


  2. Lauren

    Such pretty jewellery from your mom! hehe xo

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