Little Love Notes

nutella stuffed brown butter sea salt cookies

Dear weekend, I’m so happy to see you!

Dear happy hour, when did you get so early?  Or, alternatively, when did I become such a work-a-holic that 6 p.m. seemed like a crazy early time for happy hour?  9:00 p.m. happy hour, anyone?

Dear readers, thank you for being so incredibly supportive after I spilled my guts. Being able to talk so candidly felt like such an unbelievable relief.

Dear hubby, look this way.

Dear Nutella fanatics, these 11 recipes are sure to throw off your diet.  (Above: Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies, a.k.a., try not to drool.)

Dear Miami, thank you for keeping it unseasonably warm all year long, even though last weekend, on the one day when I really wanted to wear my leopard coat for an upcoming blog photo shoot, you kept it at right above eighty. So nude sandals and a coat, it was! Still, not complaining … all of the snow up north terrifies me. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Dear perfume junkie living inside of me, do you really need another perfume?  The answer is clearly yes.

Dear Rue Magazine, hello, I love you.

Dear perfect bohemian dinner party, give me any excuse to re-create you, why don’t you.

Dear Rag & Bone booties, I don’t know what took me so long to want you, but now I want you, I really want you.




  1. Joelle

    Um, those chocolate chip cookies look amazing. It’s a really good things I don’t have Nutella in my house right now, or those would be happening today. I need to try them soon though, so thanks for sharing! xoxo


    Perfection. I hope your weekend is wonderful.
    I want these cookies now.

  3. Chelsea

    I love the way you rounded up this week! Those cookies look YUMMY. I agree with Joelle, it’s a really good thing I don’t have any Nutella in the house today. I hope you have an amazing weekend girl!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. alyson

    awww thanks for the shout out my love!! SO sweet of you, though did you have to include me in a post that highlighted nutella recipes?! holy YUM.

  5. Alyssa

    Um….those cookies?! Holy moly. This is dangerous for me to find mere hours before getting snowed into my apartment.

    • Lexi

      haha, I have no snow excuse, and they’re still totally dangerous for me …

  6. I love this time of the year in Miami… Even when it’s hot there’s a nice cool breeze… Have a great weekend!

    • Lexi

      I totally agree – so nice here right now!

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