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Romantic Outdoor Wedding Soirée

There is something about this seemingly rustic wedding that elevates it from sweet outdoor wedding, to a party with a whole lot of fashion.  This wedding packs some serious whimsy and style.  Plus, I love a beautifully lit outdoor party and this one is full of twinkling lights, chandeliers, and long bright white table-scapes loaded with gorgeous flowers and candelabras.

snakeskin wedding heels bride hair headpiece crown

cream rustic wedding cream rustic wedding 2   rustic wedding chandelier hay lighting rustic wedding leaves seating cards (more…)


Trend Love: Headpiece

street-style-Miroslava Duma headpiece street style Miroslava Duma headpiece chain crystal

Here’s a trend I’d like to try: the jeweled headpiece.  But I’m also totally terrified.  Sometimes even a standard run-of-the-mill headband feels too over-the-top.  And I don’t know why.  It’s a totally baseless fear.  I love accessories.  I wear crazy jewelry and shoes and lipstick, but when it comes to a headpiece – the kind that actually drapes over your head and forehead, I fear I’ll look like a nut.  Because you know, I don’t seem to fear wearing a tutu, leopard platforms, and skull jewelry.  But the headpiece has been elusive to me so far.  Have you ever been to one of those traveling Medieval or Renaissance fairs?  The costumed sellers are always offering up these gorgeous and intricate chain headpieces, and every year I drag my husband to the local fair, feed him something fried, and try on every headpiece in the tent.  I always come home empty-handed because I rationalize.  I rationalize way too much.  Still, I love the trend and really want to try it.  Do note, there’s a bit of Cleopatra envy mixed in here as well.

Would you wear a chain or jeweled headpiece?  Out in public?

A few of my favorite headpieces right now:


Images via Song of Style


Jenni Kayne’s Los Angeles Home

To transform their family’s house in Beverly Hills, California, fashion designer Jenni Kayne and her husband, real-estate agent Richard Ehrlich, sought out Silvia Kuhle and Jeffrey Allsbrook of Standard, a Los Angeles architecture firm to create a modern yet livable space.  They succeeded ten-fold.  With all of its crisp white walls, natural lighting, textured fabrics and rugs, and gorgeous expanses of wood paneling and stone, the house is modern and clean, trendy and warm; basically, my dream home … set in Beverly Hills.

Jenni-Kayne-Los-Angeles-Home-living-room-2 Jenni-Kayne-Los-Angeles-Home-living-room Jenni-Kayne-Los-Angeles-Home-patio-pool (more…)


Burberry Hearts

Holy cannoli, I’m freaking out over all of the heart-covered Burberry NYFW runway goods.  Snapped by Garance Dore during fashion week this year, the entire Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 collection is stunning, but it’s the hearts that really got me.  A heart trench, heart clutch, heart blouse, heart panties – I love it all.

burberry-hearts-heart-trench-coat-fashion-week burberry-burberry-hearts-heart-clutch-leopard-coat-fashion-week burberry-burberry-hearts-heart-trench-coat-fashion-week-karlie-kloss burberry-burberry-hearts-heart-trench-coat-fashion-week-cara-delevingne

The Burberry hearts could also easily be recreated as a fun little DIY project.  All you would need is a heart stencil and some fabric paint (plus a pretty canvas – I’m thinking inexpensive trench, zippered clutch, or even this adorable color-blocked canvas tote from Old Navy) and you’re good to go.  (Remember my post all about DIY painting a clutch or handbag?)  Not that that will slow me down from dreaming of a Burberry heart trench in the least.

Images via Garance Dore // Burberry