The Arm Party, Reinvented

I am admittedly a huge fan of accessories. It’s all of that sparkle and color and mix-and-matching. I get caught up in it. And last summer, when the idea of an arm party full of friendship bracelets took it’s turn on the trend-wheel once again, I was right on board. Really, who didn’t love friendship bracelets back in the day? But fast forward to the present, and I quickly realized that a wrist full of neon-colored floss didn’t translate quite as well when I was meeting with a client or talking to a judge, so for the time being, all of my pretty homemade friendship bracelets are tucked away in a drawer until the next cruise.  But this season’s hottest arm party bracelets are full of mixed metals and leathers; a.k.a., I’m hooked. I love that the newest stacks of bracelets are a bit more sophisticated but still edgy.  And I want.them.all.

sparkle + leather arm party _

I love the idea of mixing different colors of warm leather, mixed metals, and plenty of sparkle. Are you re-creating your arm party this season?

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  1. Oh wow, these are so beautiful! I love how they used a combination of different materials…these are amazing!

    • Lexi

      I totally agree – I want them all!

  2. Rachel

    I need those evil eye bracelets from BaubleBar!

  3. staci

    I want them all, this is right up my alley love the rose gold accents and evil eye

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