Paris-Meets-Vancouver Design

I tend to travel and fall utterly in love with the food, the design, the culture.  France (and Paris, more specifically) is one of those places that has always stuck with me.  And it seems, the same goes for Vancouver designer, Effie Genovese.  When it came to her own home in Vancouver, and after almost a decade of living and raising a family in the south of France, she turned her 5,000-square foot house into a place meant to complement the historical homes in its established Vancouver neighbourhood and reference something plucked right out of Paris. (While living in France, Effie visited Paris regularly, scouring the flea markets and relishing in the belle époque vibe.)  “I envisioned an updated Parisian townhouse,” says Effie, “like a house that you would find in Paris that had been renovated. It’s modernized inside but still has all of the old charming details.”

french paris home in vancouver foyer french paris home in vancouver bedroom bathroom marble french paris home in vancouver living room sofa kitchen french paris home in vancouver dining room office

Via Style at Home // Photography: Kim Christie



  1. Samira

    I love this house!! clean and chic!

  2. Love these photos! I have always wanted to visit Vancouver. This house looks like perfection!

  3. Oh wow… this is absolutely stunning! Now to get Canadian citizenship… 😉

    xx, Eleanor

    • Lexi

      haha … and that house!

  4. Alyssa

    I want to live here every single day of my life.

    • Lexi

      Right? Me too!

  5. This is an amazing house! I love that it’s modern yet classic at the same time…it’s definitely gorgeous!

  6. Elisa

    What a beautiful place. Very French indeed!

  7. ema

    Just loved this kitchen design. I really like it!

  8. Christine

    I love this house. It does remind me a lot of Paris. I can’t wait for my first permanent home to design myself.

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