Little Love Notes

bling crystal DIY nails silver dots _

Dear pretty nail crystals, be mine.  These seem like a definite must for Alt Summit next week.  (Because any time I feel intimidated in a room full of brilliant people, I find that more sparkle calms me down.)

Dear American Idol, thank goodness you’re back.  Try as I might to watch the other network singing competitions, short of Adam Levine’s general hotness, nothing compares … to you.  (And yes, I was totally channeling Sinéad O’Connor there.  American Idol, sign me up.)

Dear small business owners and big dreamers alike, Emily’s budgeting tips and free download are crazy helpful and should give my poor husband a sigh of relief after months of trying to make excel spreadsheets for my budget that I may actually use (rather than the seven working Microsoft documents, desktop post-it notes, and phone reminders that I have simultaneously open at all times in place of his crazy anal spreadsheets … stupid spreadsheets).

Dear resolutions, I’ll be using these 101 Ways to Make Things Happen to stay right on track.

Dear slouchy skinny boyfriend jeans, I had my doubts about you – half baggy, half skinny (a denim identity crisis?) – but I do declare I love you.  Rag & Bone is nothing short of brilliant.

Dear sewers, anyone have any idea how to craft this gorgeous tutu? It was handmade and sadly, I’m not finding anything quite as perfect on Etsy.  I have a sewing machine (and I can sew straight lines … sort of) and I need that tutu!

Dear Style Me Pretty At Home, tempt me with a vacation in Greece why don’t you?

Nail Image via Le Fashion // Sephora by O.P.I. Nail Embellishment Stickers // Nails In.c Bling It On Kit




  1. I need to download those budgeting tips. Did not know there was something like that out there! Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Lexi

      Happy weekend!

  2. lily

    Those nails are so fun!!


  3. Elisa

    You’ve got to be kidding me with those nail!! They are amazing, I can only imagine what my 1yr old would think! Happy weekend!!

  4. Rebecca

    Love those nails! I’d really love to try some with a baby pink color and add tiny pearls – so cute!


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