Little Love Notes

leopard spots paint happy weekend _

It’s here!  It’s here!  The weekend is finally here!  Maybe because it was the first full week of the new year, back into the swing of things and all, but this week felt like an eternity.  Weekend, I could kiss you.  Now onto the love notes:

Dear Clueless fans (and really, who isn’t), how well do you know the movie?

Dear Chocolate “Wax” Seal Mini Monogrammed Cakes (that’s a mouthful!  … pun totally intended), I totally want to make you.

Dear JT, you’re coming back, you’re really coming back!  Yes friends, Justin Timberlake is bringing back the sexy … err, I mean music.

Dear gorgeous slouchy buckle boots, get in my closet!

Dear Ez (of Creature Comforts), so grateful for the AltSummit Survival Guide you put together on your blog!  As a newbie, I’m totally clueless and though I know I shouldn’t be nervous, I totally am.  #firstdayofschooljitters

Dear Grace, equally grateful for your Blogging 2.0 post!  If you’re a blogger, or have great blogging aspirations, this post is a must read.

Dear wedding readers, have you seen the brand new Grey Likes Weddings?  The site is so well thought out and clever … I’m in love!

Leopard spots here.



  1. Summer

    Thank you so much for the sweet mentioned!! Crazy honored. Love the round up!!


    • Lexi

      You’re so welcome! I absolutely love the new design!

  2. Lynn

    happy weekend Lexi! thanks for visiting me too, your blog is great. so much to see and thank the lawd above for JT’s return!!!! i’m over the moon. i know it’ll be well worth the wait 🙂 excited to check out more of these swell links you’ve captured. thanks lades, enjoy your Sat eve!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 🙂

  3. your blog looks SO SO beautiful. i am so happy for the weekend, i try not to take any for granted!!

    i am clueless obsessed– & so envious you will be at the Alt Design Summit… enjoy!!!

    • Lexi

      Thank you – that means so much to me! Can’t wait to report on Alt!

  4. rooth

    Oh garsh, I really do not need more boots but I’d like a slouchy pair

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog
    have enjoyed browsing yours and can’t wait for you new site
    hope you are having a fabulous weekend

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