Fashion 101: Cold-Weather Boots

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In less than twenty days, I’ll be flying to Salt Lake City for AltSummit (insert happy dance, here), and according to it should be in the low 20s just in time for our arrival. Tonight it’s 12 degrees there. I am a Miami girl, born and raised. We break out our Uggs (because they’re the only cold-weather footwear we own), scarves, and Zara coats, the minute the temperature drops to a frigid sixty-eight degrees. Our skin was just not made for cold weather. Nor were our closets. Which brings me to this: There is a whole world of fashion I never knew about — cold-weather wear.

I actually went to Nordstrom this past weekend with the intention of buying a pair of boots that may actually survive that thing called snow, and get this, Miami Nordstroms do not carry Sorel, or Sperry, or any warm shoes, for that matter. Miami also doesn’t sell lined anything. And apparently, that soft fluffy stuff traditional Uggs are made of, that’s not going to cut it in cold, wet snow. Who knew?  So I’m on the hunt for a heavy-duty pair of winter boots.

Boot picks from left to right, top to bottom:  Hunter for J. Mendel Boots // Sperry Albatross Boots // Sorel Conquest Carly Boots // Ugg Lilyan Boots // Sorel Joan of Arctic Premium Boots // Sorel Tofino Boots // Sorel Caribou Boots // Sorel Tivoli Boots // Ugg Adirondack Boots

So for those cold-weather farers, what boots do you wear?  Which keep your feet the warmest?  Any recommendations?



  1. Samira

    I love sorel!!!

  2. I have a pair of sorels and absolutely love! I just wish we had snow so I didn’t look ridiculous walking around the city in them!

    • Lexi

      It seems like everyone loves Sorel! Do yours have fur?

  3. Sarah

    Love the mid calf boots! I’m a Miami girl now in Orlando so I’m not the one to ask about this though! I’m kinda hoping to get away in flats since I’ll be staying at the Grand and not wandering outside too much!

    • Lexi

      So glad to hear you’re staying at The Grand – I am too!

  4. Joy

    I hear ya — I’m a Hawaii girl living in the Northeast, and I can’t quite get used to it (after six years!). I wouldn’t worry too much about tromping around outside at Alt. From what I hear, we’ll be inside for almost the entire conference. That said, I’d opt for the tall boots, since they cover more of your leg and are better for keeping snow out. I’m on the Sorel bandwagon too.

    And did you know that Uggs were made for surfers in Australia to keep their feet warm after getting out of the ocean? Alas, I still wear mine in the (dry) snow. They’re so toasty!

    • Lexi

      It seems like the vote is for Sorels — I wish they were a bit less pricey, but they are awfully cute!

  5. Sam

    It is amazing that something so warm and functional can actually be cute! My current snow boots are from Sears (of all places), but I’m definitely coveting some Sorels. Have a great time at AltSummit! xo

    • Lexi

      I will definitely check out Sears! #girlonabudget

  6. it’s on the inside that counts! boots with rubber toes (like all the ones you picked) can be freezing unless they have some kind of fuzzy insulation. i wish they made ugg-sorel hybrids!

    have a great trip! xox

  7. Rachel

    Is it weird that I love boots like this? I’m from the country, so maybe it’s just “in” up here haha!

  8. Maya

    I was swooning over Sorel boots this winter, but I actually found a killer pair at Target {such a serendipitous find!} that looks pretty similar. Love these picks Lexi!


  9. Kristina

    Yeah, Uggs definitely won’t cut it in the snow, they’d probably end up ruined! Since you won’t need snow boots all the time, I would recommend getting a pair of Hunter rain boots and liners – once you’re back in Miami you can just take the liners out and use them when it rains!


    Kristina does the Internets

    • Lexi

      Okay, that is awesome advice! (And I already own a pair of Hunters!)

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