The Working Couple

Hubby and I have found ourselves in the thick of what we like to call “workaholics syndrome”.  I touched on this here, but I’m curious to know what you all do to combat laptop-glued-to-lap-itis.  The story goes a little something like this:  Hubby is an eternal Md/PhD student (a.k.a., school is the norm for many many … many years) and I am a lawyer/blogger.  The “/” is important because let’s face it, they’re both pretty time-consuming endeavors.  Hubby also works until 8:30/9:00pm every night, and once his rotations start, his hours will get worse.  I blog after work, which means I’m up blogging far too late.

As the new year rolls around, I’m reflecting on things I’m proud of, things I can change, things I can improve upon.  Hubby and I have one of those awww-inducing relationships.  We’ve been together on more fingers than I can count and I still beam/gush/squeak when I talk about him.  But I worry sometimes that the work does get to be too much, even when we don’t think that it does.  You know, like when we’re arguing over his double-dipping (because I swear once you’re married you argue about the most trivial things, and then laugh about it later), you throw in a gut-wrenching, “Yeah, well when was the last time you planned a romantic dinner for me?”  Where the heck did that come from?  I blame my hormones.  And I always regret those knee-jerk comments, but I know that I wouldn’t have thrown that at him unless it held some glimmer of truth.

So truth is, I don’t like that we work so much. I don’t like that he hardly gets enough sleep, let alone time to plan an Anniversary dinner for me.  This is in no way to blame him, trust me, I’m guilty too (says the girl who sits with her laptop on her lap … in bed … well, past 1am.)

I guess my question is, how do you make the time for each other?  How do you shut off that computer?  How do you balance work, play, love, family?  And is that even realistic?  Work is what I busted my tush for during all those years in law school, blogging is an utter passion, and hubby, he’s everything.  How do you make it all fit?

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  1. It can be a bit like co-habiting at times when things get a little mad. We set up weekly traditions that weren’t to be broken. Like ‘mid-week movie night’, I plan blogging and study around this night. Every Sunday we go somewhere out of the house, even if down the road for coffee, the mobiles stay at home. Or if it is just standard dinner, we throw a rug on the floor in the living room and have an indoor picnic, instead of sitting infront of the TV.. or laptop. Too many days away from this ‘downtime’ with my husband makes me loopy and unproductive. Xx

    • Lexi

      I definitely agree. If we don’t get “us” times it feels more stressful and off. And I love the idea of an indoor picnic! So sweet!

  2. Dana

    I hear you 100%… it is HARD. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

  3. Well I understand what you mean and it’s true that sometimes it’s really hard to find the time to do everything…!
    I think we just have to know what we consider as the most important thing in life and take time for this thing. Whatever what happen you need and have to find time for that! I wish the days last more than 24hours too but let’s be realistic it will never happen. So just take time to live and to be with the ones you love!

  4. Chloe

    Fortunately my husband and I usually collaborate projects at our night time job (our own home-based company) so our late night work time is kind of our “us” time! Lol. But we do dinners together (without TV), try to take turns in cooking for each other, and slip in random post-it love notes to make up for the lack of fancy dates. 🙂

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