Ballerina + The Beach

I swear even without much of a winter, all of the cold-weather inspiration online, on television, and in catalogs makes me long for Summer again … and I live in Miami (blocks from the ocean, i.e., I have no excuse … and yet, I remain pale and so very far from the beach.)  These pictures remind me why I should dip my toes in the sand every now and then.  Spotted on Honestly WTF, these photos are a series created by Australian bloggers Zanita and Margaret shot in Phuket, Thailand, featuring Margaret, a ballerina herself, and her incredible talent.  Dresses include beauties by Zimmerman, Stylestalker, and Morrison.

Images via Zanita



  1. Chelsea

    These photos are stunning! I am so glad you brought them to my attention. Wow. xo

    • Lexi

      Aren’t they great? So glad you like!

  2. Julie Leah

    Oh my! How could you not long for summer after seeing these?! So stunning – love the images in the floral dress!

  3. Sarah

    Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Alyssa

    These are gorgeous…I’d love to have one for my home! Also, can we just talk about how amazing all the dresses are, too?

    The Glossy Life

    • Lexi

      I completely agree! I want all of these dresses!

  5. RosyRilli

    Those photos are amazing, and make me really wish I had stuck with ballet when I was younger!

    • Lexi

      Tell me about it!!

  6. I love the pics! You’re so lucky you live in Miami it’s freezing here! I just wrote a post about winter blues…I could use a dose of Miami and the beach. Come say hi and happy weekend!

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