Little Love Notes

Dear weekend, your timing is impeccable. So looking forward to not getting dressed, writing, crafting, and consuming a hideous amount of calories.

Dear Veteran’s Day, where did you come from? Am I the only one who had no idea Monday was a holiday … as in, a day off of work (well, at least the legal work part)? And also, is it just me or is this year flying by?

Dear Brides-to-be and other wedding enthusiasts (me! me! me!), have you read the story of how I found my couture wedding dress at a crazy discount?  (It’s a good one.)

Dear lipstick fearers (is that even a word?), Glamour provides picture evidence that dark lipstick looks good … no, great, on everyone.  (Go for Crimson!)

Dear doughnuts, if I wasn’t so terrified of frying in my kitchen (and potentially burning down the house we don’t own), I’d make you in a heartbeat.

Dear Victoria (blogger behind VMAC & Cheese … she’s awesome!), share your wedding photos already – I’m chomping at the bit over here! #weddingobsessive

Dear fellow visually impaired and other awesome hipsters, have you entered my couture glasses giveaway? (We’re talking Dolce & Gabbana here, people.)

Get the weekend look: Saturday Pant (On Sale!) // Stripe Snood // Round Frame Glasses // Mug // Secret Agents I Met and Liked Notebook // Le Pen // Beaded Moccasins (On Sale!) // Pen Holder



    • Lexi

      OOh, so tell me your secret for not having to get dressed!

  1. Such great picks!! Your site is so stinking cute! I’m your newest follower! xx


    • Lexi

      Woo hoo! Thank you so much!

  2. Jordin

    Love your weekend picks-especially the Saturday pants! Only JCrew could make sweatpants cool! Thanks for the comment on my site. Glad I found yours, it’s really cute!

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