Little Love Notes: The Big Switch

Dear everyone, I need help.  I’ve been struggling for months – maybe all year (yikes!) – with how to smoothly transition my blogs – Glitter & Pearls + Glitter Weddings – into a new online digital space (more website, less blog – at least in format.)  Right now, Glitter, Inc. is here, waiting to be worked on.  I always envisioned Glitter, Inc. to be the overarching brand – somewhere where Glitter & Pearls, Glitter Wedding, and all of my other crazy ideas could neatly fit together.  But now it seems, to get the look and feel I want for Glitter, Inc., I may have to scrap Glitter & Pearls + Glitter Weddings altogether, i.e., let go of years of obsession (do note, I’m very type-a!)  I suppose I could juggle three websites, three back-ends, so many e-mails, and big dreams, but for my own sanity, I’m thinking that may not be the best route.  Plus, my husband thinks I’m nuts (you know, in a supportive way.)  But (… the catch) if I merge content from Glitter & Pearls + Glitter Weddings and start fresh on Glitter, Inc., I will lose all of my pageviews, all of my links, and most disconcerting, a lot of my readers.  I’m bloody terrified.  I need help, I need thoughts, I might need a glass of wine … with cherries in it (because I like to keep it classy.)  SOS!

Also, happy weekend – you all rock!

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  1. Paulina

    Lexi, i am a very new reader (maybe have been reading for 2 months) and LOVE glitter and pearls. Weddings? Not so exciting for me… not anymore anyway. How would this new website work?

    • Lexi

      My goal – if I were to merge the blogs – is to have an online magazine where people could click through the categories, i.e., you could totally ignore the wedding categories and only click on the lifestyle-related categories. Just e-mailed you! 🙂

  2. LWP

    I definitely think merging is your best bet and I’m sure your husband will appreciate 😉 I love the idea of brand cohesiveness and I’m sure your followers are loyal enough to follow. Go for it!

  3. Dana

    Good luck! Sounds like a huge project to me! I’m working on re-designing my blog now and its always so much more complicated than you initially anticipate!

    • Lexi

      It really is! And stressful! #yikes

  4. Ashleigh

    Oh Lexi! It sounds like a big, scary move. Anyway you can mass-email your followers and let them know? I’d be most concerned about them not knowing where to find you. You will be happier when your thoughts are collected cohesively. I wish you luck!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much, Ashleigh! Totally nervous but I think it’s the right decision. #eek

  5. I am a very new reader and absolutely love the Glitter and Pearls blog, but I think putting it all together under one name is a step in a right direction for building your brand. It’s a big step but it will be worth it. Best of luck!!!!

  6. oh wait! yikers!!! I feel ya – that DOES sound overwhelming, but I know you can do it! and I think merging will you help you BETTER DEFINE your brand as all three merge together and evolve as one 🙂 No? Also, please know that I want to follow you and support you in any way I can – EVERY STEP ALONG THE WAY!!! feel free to email me too for any help you may need!

  7. This sounds incredibly daunting, scary but…exciting! Personally, I would like to see this all merged into one. Not just because it would be simpler for you, but also because I like to see everything in one location where I can click on what interests me…and like you said, if you don’t feel the content relates to you, then you don’t have to click on it. But, keeping things separate would even be a bit confusing for the reader, no? While you may lose the past, you gain the future! =) Good luck!


  8. Ria

    Eeek what a tough decision. I think in the end it would be better to have everything together for your sake. There’s always redeirects so everyone gets their bookmarks updated etc but the pageviews sitch is tough.

  9. All I can say is have faith in yourself and in your content. Yes, you will see an initial change in stats. It happens to anyone and everyone who migrates somewhere else in the interwebs. But people will find you again, I promise!

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