Little Love Notes

Dear Blogshop, I’m coming for you, with lots of rest, water, a pretty new laptop case, and just a few first day of school jitters.  That’s right, this weekend I’ll be attending an intensive, two day course, taught by Bri + Angela, where we binge on Photoshop and come out sparkly designer extraordinaires … or in my case, one with the ability to turn on Photoshop.

Dear Gift-Givers (a.k.a., everyone), if you’ve already had the chance to follow along with my little gift guides, be sure to hop on over to To & From Magazine, the brainchild of Meg and Katie, and catch me on page 45 … my picks are dipped in gold, natch.

Dear buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake, I had no idea such a thing as breakfast cake existed, but now it’s a must make.

Dear leather fashion trend, this leather skirt is haunting me and it’s all your fault. #dangbudget

Dear fellow employed, did you catch my office chair surprise over on Instagram today? It involves My Little Pony.  {Follow along @glitterinclexi}

Dear readers, be on the look-out for an exciting blog announcement on Monday …

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