Messy Shelves

Though I love a gorgeous, color-coded shelf, all of the luxe hardback books in order, a monogrammed Anthropologie mug, a full set of Prismacolor art markers, and a cooler-than-cool gilded pig, the average shelf is full of clutter, mine included.  I just don’t know how the utterly organized do it.  My house is “lived in” and I like it that way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I see features in Elle Decor, and home tours on The Everygirl that make me swoon, and sometimes after pouring over one of those spreads, I’ll get all OCD on my coffee table or shelves, but within a few days, the magazines and mail begin to pile up, I’ve left two or three coffee cups here and there, and I actually take the books off the shelves and read them!

Viva messy shelves!

Images via The Veda House // Slanted Mansion // Manhattan Nest



  1. I really wish I could pull this off. I have so many little quirky things that I would love to put on my shelves but then I get anxiety that it looks too messy! I am re-decorating my office and have one of those big Ikea bookshelves…maybe I can attempt this again!! xoxooxo

    • Lexi

      I can’t ever keep organized enough for “clean”!

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