Little Love Notes

Dear Fashion, although I basically idolize you, it’s nice to see the human side. (A look at street style: the pretend and the real.)

Dear pumpkin pie frozen yogurt, thank you for being my one taste of actual Fall. Here in Miami we don’t gt changing leaves or sweater weather, so it’s nice to have something seemingly Fall … every day.  I’m hooked.  You better be low-cal.

Dear Target, you keep on making awesome leopard print clothes like this dress and these pants, and I’m in.

Dear readers, I need Halloween costume suggestions, stat!  My sister and I were actually thinking of dressing up as BFF’s, Rihanna and Katy Perry, but every idea I have for my Katy Perry costume involves gluing some kind of candy or pastry to a leotard and wearing it like a portable bakery – a.k.a., not attractive at all (except maybe to my husband, who may fall in love with me all over again).

Dear Christina Aguilera, you just had to put chunky fuchsia glitter all up in your video, and now I’m hooked.

Dear weekend, when did you get some jam-packed with events?  I’m too busy to function this weekend.  Boo.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Ashley

    You could totally do a sexy Katy Perry just get a dark purple wig and do your makeup like she had it in that wide awake video. For the outfit get a purple cape and sexy whimsical dress and your good to go 🙂

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