Good Taste, Great Style: 8 Stylish Picks for A Cool-Weather Date Night

On the heels of our two-year wedding anniversary (it was yesterday!), I thought I’d talk “date night” … and fashion, of course.

I love date night. I know it’s nerdy, especially because the hubs and I have been together for eternity (or at least since high school), but there’s something about date night that gets me all giddy inside. I love getting all dressed up, I love that the hubby remembers to wear cologne (sometimes), I love trying new restaurants and drinking a little too much wine and holding hands. I also love breaking in a new pair of shoes that clearly were never going to work in a law office. #truth

  1. A great light-weight handbag.  I am loving structured purses with great texture and color for the Fall.
  2. A bold statement necklace.
  3. I tend to stick to my tried and true favorite tanks and shirts, adding layers as it gets colder.
  4. A tough-girl jacket {I’ve been crushing hard on the menswear-inspired coats this season.}  The leather sleeves are an added bonus.
  5. The matte lipstick crayon from NARS is heaven.  I love a bold red lip – especially on date night – and matte lipstick tends to be pretty error proof … put it in kids’ crayola crayon form and I’m in heaven.
  6. I’m actually on the hunt for classic black pumps.  For all the leopard print and studs, I’ve managed to overlook buying a classic black pair of pumps.  Any suggestions?
  7. Sequins.  They’re a must on date night.
  8. I’ve also been pretty obsessed with layering rings lately – the more, the merrier, and at least one on every finger.  Madewell has some gorgeous, and affordable, stacking ring options that I’ve completely fallen for.  The trickiest part is figuring out the sizes of all of your other fingers (i.e., everything but the ring finger.)  I’ve basically just started ordering one-size-up as I go along the fingers; so: my ring finger is a size 5, I order a size 6 for the middle finger, and a 7 for the index finger.  If the rings are ever too big on one finger, I just move them up and over.  I also love wearing rings on my thumb – and my thumb is generally the same size as my index finger.


I also love feeling healthy (and skinny) in my latest classic date night look … (so that I can eat mashed potatoes at the restaurant.)  That’s why I love healthier snacks like Yoplait® (because in truth, I am a snack-aholic).

Yoplait® Original is proof that classic is always a good choice. We have more than 20 flavors that burst with the delicious, flavorful creaminess that isn’t just good, it is SO good, especially now that it’s made with natural colors, flavors and sweeteners. What can be more than SO good? The fact that Yoplait® Light is made in more than 20 flavors that contain 90 calories and 2 Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® value each.  But the best part is the inspiration these fun flavors can be when it comes to fashion – how about a Key Lime Pie clutch or a little black forest cake dress. We believe the best fashion statements come from flavor inspiration.  What flavor inspires you? Try a new one today and use it to plan your outfit tomorrow.

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  1. Alyssa

    I’ve been looking for a jacket like number four for such a long time! I love the look of leather sleeves…it’s so cool!

    The Glossy Life

    • Lexi

      Love that jacket!

  2. oh, hunny!!! you have got it ALL so, so right here!!! i am completely obsessed with every last piece here…MUST have that skirt ASAP 😉 XO brynn

    • Lexi

      The skirt is my absolute favorite piece!

  3. Michelle

    You sound just like me in regards to date night!! I love it.

    That outfit looks cute too 🙂

    Happy Halloween!!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  4. Lauren

    Those shoes are heavenly! Lovely collection.

    Lauren x

  5. Love these black pumps and the necklace ♥

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