The Organized Creative: Design Darling

Most of my design fans probably already know who Mackenzie of Design Darling is, but for those of you who have not had the pleasure of getting to know her, she’s unbelievably talented and amazing at juggling so many big things at once.  I had the pleasure of finally meeting Mackenzie in real life while in NYC for New York Fashion Week, and she is just as adorable and on her A-game in person!

Take us through a busy day in the life of a blogger/business owner.

What I love most about my job is that every day is different! I manage my social media presence, respond to customer service inquiries, scout new products, ship customers’ orders, write blog posts, and try not to let my inbox get too out of hand. And of course I’m playing on Pinterest and reading blogs! The fact that that’s part of my job is a big bonus 😉

What’s your go-to day-to-day planner of choice?  Are you a pen-to-paper kind of girl or is it all technology for you?

I use the recycled leather notebooks from my boutique to jot down ideas and to do lists. I like writing on blank pages instead of conforming to a printed calendar! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of crossing something off that list. But I also use iCal to keep track of appointments, blog conferences, coffee dates, etc.

What one tech accessory can you not live without?

I don’t even remember life without an iPhone!

Is your organization more OCD or organized chaos?

I definitely used to be more OCD but lately it seems it’s more organized chaos. I’d like to get back to that hyper-organized state but right now I’m just trying to juggle everything the best I can!

How do you get and/or stay inspired?

I read a ton — blogs, books, magazines, you name it. And I like to try to read a few different books at once to keep things fresh: a business advice book here, a novel there so I never get bored!

How do you organize and keep all of your inspiration?

I would be nowhere without my Google Reader. I subscribe to a scary number of blogs and try to read them all each day! It doesn’t always happen but it’s nice to know what’s going on in my fellow bloggers’ lives.

Where do you get your best work done?

My packing and shipping facility is currently my parents’ dining room 😉 Beyond that I can work from anywhere — answering emails in the coffee shop, reading blogs at the library, Instagramming and tweeting from anywhere and everywhere!

Any advice for fellow creative ladies trying to achieve the balance between work, blogging, and reaching their goals?

My 101 in 1001 list really keeps me in check and focused on the bigger picture. It’s easy to get bogged down in daily to dos so I love having a few fun things on the horizon!

[To learn more about The Organized Creative Series – a look inside the organized (or not always so organized!) lives of our favorite creative types – bloggers, designers, event planners, artists, chefs, social media gurus, and beyond – check out the original post.]



  1. love this post!! it’s really great to see how others organize life and blogging since sometimes we forget this is life outside of our blog world! love the pictures of pretty stationary too =)

    • Lexi

      I’m so glad you like it! It always helps me to see how other people balance everything! 🙂

  2. Love, love, love! Tho I feel I’ll never be organized! LOL

    • Lexi

      Don’t worry – I’m not sure there’s such a thing as being completely organized!

  3. I think I need all of this stuff when I finally re-do my office. Those cute pink folders might even help motivate me to clean out my file cabinets…ahhhh!!! My nightmare. haha!! Have a great weekend, Lexi!!! xoxo


  5. Brighton

    Love that hot link lacquer box! And I literally was thinking the same thing earlier today about my iPhone! Idk how they did it????

    • Lexi

      I cannot live without my iphone now — it’s scary!

  6. Ranu

    Mackenzie is awesome, and it’s great hearing how she juggles her many ventures! Love this series too! 🙂

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