Madewell’s Fall Dresses + Skirts

Madewell‘s latest Fall lookbook is full of tomboy perfection, mis-matched textures and patterns, sophisticated animal prints, and a bit of 90s throwback (my favorite!), but what I’ve loved most of all about Madewell’s latest, are all of the skirts and dresses. Pants look weird on me. I wear them. Occasionally. But they’re weird on me. I was made for dresses and Madewell just gets it. Their dresses are always the perfect fit, their pencil skirts are thick enough to flatter in all the right ways – it’s design perfection.

And perfect dresses and tights paired with mis-matched layers, tights, nerdy-chic spectacles, stripes, scarves, and leopard prints? I want it all.

The Madewell pieces I can’t take my eyes off of …

In case you like the sound of my crazy layered dresses-and-tights mantra, read my Post: I Wear Too Much Clothing



  1. lily

    I always have a hard time with dresses…now I want to go to Madewell and try all these cute Fall dresses !!


    • Lexi

      Their dresses really are adorable!

  2. See, I am the opposite. I feel like I look better in pants and weird in skirts BUT I kind of want every skirt in this post. Esp the first one and the striped ones. xoxo

    • Lexi

      I envy you! I wish I looked good in pants!

  3. ashley

    that red leather number is gorg!

    • Lexi

      It’s one of my faves! Can’t wait to get to a store to try it on!

  4. Can someone just give me a giant giftcard for Madwell please!!

    • Lexi

      Right!? I wish!

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  6. Vanessa D.

    Lovin it!!!!

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