Fashion Meets Technology

I was the girl who bedazzled everything.  And I’m not ashamed to say it, because frankly, my bedazzling made me the fashion obsess-or I am today (much to my husband’s chagrin.)  I bedazzled because I never wanted a dull notebook, pair of cut-off shorts, plain-old Jansport backpack … I wanted the blinged out version.  I also drew all over my notebooks and cut apart my clothes to add lace and ribbons.  Was I tacky?  Yes.  Have I learned.  Yes.  Mostly.  Somewhat.  But now it’s called fashion.

My technology deserves nothing less.  My laptop is in a bright pink case, my cell phone gets a funky new cover every other week, and so on.


Designers now scramble to design the latest and greatest bag to carry your latest and greatest phone, laptop, camera, and tablet. A new phone is released (not even released … wait-listed) and all of my favorite design darlings are aflutter to create the cutest carrying case.  But not all tech gear is created equal.  I’ve had countless tech cases split apart, fall apart, or simply fail to do their job — which is rough when we’re as hard as we are on our technology.  (Utterly guilty of stepping out of the car with my cell phone still on my lap … a.k.a., phone-on-pavement.)

But HP + Intel + Project Runway are holding a contest, where designers create laptop bags that are stylish, sleek, and functional and we vote for our favorites.  The winner will be chosen by Jill of, the writers at Core 77, as well as Mondo from Project Runway Season 8 and will receive $10,000! Visit the contest site for more details:

This post is sponsored by the sleek, stylish, lightweight HP Spectre XT Ultrabook™, inspired by Intel. Vote for your favorite bag design!

Original Image via Stockholm Streetstyle



  1. COOL!! Can’t wait for Project Runway tonight! Off to vote. xoxo

    • Lexi

      Woo hoo! Love PR!

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