This Sunday night, instead of cleaning the house or running errands or catching up on all of the work I have, I played on tumblr (and it was perfect.)

Here are a few of my favorite details …

Images here




  1. Love the gold and black leather bracelet in the second to last photo…actually love all the accessories.

    • Lexi

      That is definitely my favorite bracelet in the pictures! So cool!

  2. Ria

    Love a good detail shot.

    • Lexi

      Oh my gosh, ditto – so in love with those bags!

  3. TUMBLR is my black hole!! Are we following each other? We need to. I seriously could spend days on there. LOVE all these detail pics. Esp the lace dress with the bracelets and those shoes!! xo

    • Lexi

      Me too! I have to limit my use!

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