What’s In My Makeup Bag With Proactiv®

I am a makeup fiend.  My mom says I came out with lipgloss in hand at birth.  I live for a great lipstick, a pretty blush, and my sacred compact.  I also know that as I got older, skincare is essential.  I buy everything with SPF, moisturize every night, and never ever sleep with make-up still on my face.  My make-up bag is generally a mix of lots of makeup, a great spot corrector (love Proactiv®), and cleanser.

  1. A pretty little cosmetics bag.
  2. When you’re pale, blush is a must.
  3. Proactiv® Advanced Blemish Treatment – the surefire emergency cure for an unwanted blemish.
  4. The softest lightest best-smelling concealer ever.
  5. The must-have powder compact.
  6. I’ll forever be a smoky eye kind of girl.
  7. Black liquid eyeliner.
  8. Show-stopping mascara.
  9. I also like to carry around a bright red lipstick – instant mood lifter.
  10. In case a nail chips, put glitter on it.
  11. Perfume-to-go of choice right now – Kai oil – the yummiest gardenia scent.
  12. And last but not least, sparkly pink lipgloss.

What’s in your makeup bag?

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Proactiv®.  All opinions are my own.



  1. Keep up the good work Lexi. As a fellow type A budget analyst I totally get the mix of creativity and an analytical view of life. I also love glitter. Your blog has inspired me to do the same.


    • Lexi

      I am SO excited to hear that! Checking your blog out now!

  2. Lyndsy

    great collection! i too love kai perfume oil and am loving that silver essie nail polish 🙂

    • Lexi

      Just got the silver Essie polish and it is soo pretty!

  3. Jessica

    Your makeup bag looks a lot like MY makeup bag!! Chanel makeup is the best. Chanel and Nars… there is nothing else!

    Beautiful blog, by the way.

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