Tuesday Shoesday

Oh my do I ever love these shoes!  These gorgeous nude suede Chloé pumps feature ankle straps, bows, and rhinestones, a.k.a., a shoe trifecta. But sadly, these pretties are actually from the Fall 2009 collection and are probably long gone; but wow.

Image via Daily Cup of Couture


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  1. Oh. My. God. I am obsessed with these shoes. They have every element that I love: they’re by Chloe, they’re pink and gold, they have bows, they have rhinestones. The only problem with these shoes is the fact that I don’t own them. They would be PERFECT for my wedding. Who am I kidding? I’d wear them with everything… even if they didn’t match!

    Hope you’re doing well, by the way!
    ❤ Sara

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