The Organized Creative: Sabra of The Lonely Wife Project

This week we’re taking a look inside the multitasking genius behind the blog, The Lonely Wife Project.  Meet the hilarious author, Sabra …

Take us through a busy day in the life of a full-timer/blogger.

5:30 am – My alarm goes off at an ungodly hour and every single morning I spend a good amount of time devising a plan to get spontaneously sick. Alas, I have a corporate job.

7:00 am – Attempt productivity in corporate America.

11:30 am – Run, Pilates or yoga. I need to get away from the computer and sweat profusely.

1:00 pm- After another shower and a quick lunch at my desk, I resume work (and sometimes I Pin and peruse other blogs).

5:00 pm – Arrive home, walk the dogs, make dinner and eat at the table like civilized people (this is a new rule in our house as we previously only ever ate at the coffee table whilst watching TV).

7:00 pm – Watch Breaking Bad with my husband if he’s home (he’s currently in grad school).

8:30 pm – Me time. Some nights I get on my computer, draft a couple of blog posts, jot down ideas for blog posts, and edit photos for blog posts. And sometimes, I play Bejeweled and watch the Vampire Diaries.

10:30 – Get into bed and read for about 30 minutes until I pass out and do the same thing again the next morning.

What’s your go-to day-to-day planner of choice?  Are you a pen-to-paper kind of girl or is it all technology for you?

I’m an old fashioned kind of gal…a piece of paper, a pen and a highlighter is all I need to keep my shit organized. Every single morning, I make a to do list entitled “To Do” and as I get my to dos done, I cross them off with a pink highlighter. If I don’t get something done, it goes on my to do list the next day.

What’s one tech accessory can you not live without?

My iPhone. Once you go Mac you never go back. Also, I have to wear a watch every single day in order to be on time anywhere.

Is your organization more OCD or organized chaos?

I save all important documents and emails in specific folders, but that’s about the extent of my organization. Everything else is fly by the seat of my pants. It’s worked for me so far, although sometimes I get all Type A and arrange my clothes by color or my shoes by heel height.

How do you get and/or stay inspired?

Blogs and Pinterest. Before that, I led a very sad life.

How do you organize and keep all of your inspiration?

I’m embarrassed to admit that my inspiration files are 100 percent unorganized. I have a Pinterest, but 5 boards does make for very good organization.

Where do you get your best work done?

On the couch with a glass of wine.

Any advice for fellow creative ladies trying to achieve the balance between work, blogging, and reaching their goals?

It’s hard to balance so many things at once and usually something has to give. I was able to manage my full-time job and my blog for about two years. But now I want to focus on other creative outlets like photography and writing. Since my job is my primary source of income, I’m going to have to scale back on the blogging. My advice is to not overwhelm yourself with stuff. Focus on what’s most important to you and become good at it.

[To learn more about The Organized Creative Series – a look inside the organized (or not always so organized!) lives of our favorite creative types – bloggers, designers, event planners, artists, chefs, social media gurus, and beyond – check out the original post.]



  1. This is so inspiring and real. Really enjoyed it. i love hearing stories like this. x

    • Lexi

      I’m so excited to hear that — especially because this is a fairly new series! Thank you! Thank you!

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  3. elizabeth

    Sabs is the best! She is one of the most creative people I know and is holding together an amazing life…so jealous!
    xoxo -e (

  4. molliee

    love Sabra! I liked this peek into her life!

    • Lexi

      Sabra is the best! So glad you liked the interview!

  5. Love this piece Lexi!! Thanks for introducing us to her…. I am excited to add her to my “Must Read Blogs” list.


  6. She is amazing. I am so glad that you shared her link info so I can add one more read to my list 🙂 Thank you.

    p.s. can I ask you for a little favor? Would you be so kind and tell me where I can buy this adorable pink iPhone case with tassel? tjank you so so much!


    Aggy @ NCS

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