Sweatpants and High Heels

Sweatpants and high heels.  My dream outfit.  I adore heels.  Even when my feet are blistering, I’m whining mercilessly, and I don’t.think.I.can.go.on.another.step., I will survive, heels and all.  If the heels didn’t scratch my husband’s legs, and halfway through the night, puncture a shoulder (I’m a tosser-and-turner … I think I “sleep swim”), I’d sleep with my prettiest heels on.  But clothes, yuck.  At the end of a work day, I can’t get through the door fast enough before I’m stripping off dress, tights, jewelry, and bra.  I live for my sweat pants.  I can’t even start to relax before I’ve put them on.  Sweats are my superhero costume. I blog better, I cook better, I think better, in my sweats.  No one’s given me the option, but I think I’d be a better lawyer in sweatpants.  High heels would be an added bonus.  (And a potential cooking hazard.)

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  1. kw

    love this post! i totally agree. i love heels and then i come through the door and it’s comfy clothes all the way. preferably big boyfriend tees… but i could totally still be wearing my heels. 🙂 in an ideal world… right?

  2. Lauren

    Love sweats and heels!!

  3. I totally agree with you. I wear heels everyday but the minute I’m at home I have my pajama’s on (and sometimes new heels too). Just come across your blog, its gorgeous, you have yourself a new fan.

    Lotts x

  4. valerie

    couldn’t agree more!

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