Nighttime Routine With Proactiv®

Though I’m a fiend for make-up – evidenced here – I learned long ago to take care of my skin when the make-up comes off.  It all started when I slept over a friend’s house in high school — my youth group had a huge party (boy, does that make me sound cool), and boys were hanging out all night (eek!), so I slept in my make-up.  Guess what?  You look worse in the morning when you sleep with your make-up on.  My eyelashes were gunked together like mascara spider webs, my concealer was glued to my face, I looked like the crypt … it was not pretty.  So now, each night before I go to sleep, I take off all of that make-up, every stitch of it and I moisturize like crazy.  If I didn’t think my husband would wake in the middle of the night with a cup of ranch dressing in hand, ready to have salad, I’d probably sleep with cucumbers on my eyes.

henley // sleep shorts // eye mask // slippers // Proactiv® (cleanse + moisturize, nightly!) // blankets // hair ties // glasses // lip balm // book (such a great one!) // water (always hydrate!)




  1. yep, that’s the most important habit to develop! and i have those exact same mocassins, literally the best things ever.

    • Lexi

      I totally agree — I live in mine!!

  2. Such a cute layout. I love the mocs and little sleep shorts. So I used to have the worst skin. All of a sudden my face went crazy for about a year and the only thing that helped was proactive. haha..I sound like a commercial. xoxo

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    • Lexi

      It really is crazy magical stuff! And you know I entered that giveaway — love J.Crew!

  3. janet

    cute post about sleep essentials!!1 love it!!! thanks for sharing

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