Little Love Notes

Dear Readers, I thought I’d offer up a little bit of Friday inspiration.

Dear Nerves, go away. With New York Fashion Week just a few days away, I have those first-day-of-school jitters — Will I make friends? What do I wear? Will I trip in my ridiculous 5-inch heels? Will I say something completely award to Rachel Zoe? Will the skies open up and turn my carefully ironed hair into a not-so-cute wet poodle look?

Dear Birthday Wishlist, please tell me you’re magically appearing on my doorstep.

Dear Taylor Swift song, will you ever ever ever stop playing on repeat in my head?

Dear Bloggers, I’m officially calling myself a part-time “content marketer” (“blogger” is so last season), thanks to Erin of Apartment 34. {Interview via Smart Creative Women}

Dear New York, see you soon.


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