A Home Dipped in Chevron

Oh yes, I’m that obsessed.  I thought my crush on chevron prints was a passing fad;  It’s geometric, and I never liked math much.  (Don’t I come up with the best justifications?)  But every time there is even a hint of chevron, I’m all over it like white on rice.  I actually think I’m starting to see chevron prints in the traffic patterns on my morning commute.  Help me, design gods.  I’ve come undone.

So drool with me, why don’t you?

And for a few of my top chevron home finds …

Chevron Picks: 1. Pillow // 2. Light Blue Pillow // 3. Parson Table // 4. Vase (Sold out; Similar items here) // 5. Chair // 6. Paper Placemats // 7. Pouf

Design Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6



  1. i’m with you on having a serious chevron addiction. love that first pic. i dream of a little patio like that.

    • Lexi

      The first pic is my absolute favorite – such a perfect patio … streamers and all!

  2. i love them too! I can’t get them to pass in our house though with my boyfriend…

    • Lexi

      Chevron doesn’t seem to bug mine as much, it’s the sequins I can’t get past him!

  3. hailey

    totally with you – i’m 100% obsessed with chevron! love these pics. love the second one with the chevron tray!

    • Lexi

      That whole table set-up is just stunning! I wish my parties were half that fancy!

  4. I love this print because a little can go a long way and you can mix it with any print! I love that tablescape with the mixed plates! It’s so gorgeous and I need to recreate that!!! xoox
    Oh also, Lexi, I forgot to tell you..Make sure to check out the giveaway that The Now and Swirl are hosting. It’s for a $50 J. Crew gift card.

  5. valerie

    I’m on the chevron obsession train with you!! Lovelovelove!!

  6. To be completely honest…at first, I did not want to give into chevron (mainly due to its popularity)…but then, I just couldn’t help it. It is just such a perfect pop of pattern…how could I not give in & love it, too?! Le sigh. XO brynn

  7. Naree

    There are so many pretties in the post. I want it all! Of course, I’m loving the beautifully styled party.

  8. Cute cuter and cutest! I love me some chevron. Brahmin.com had some cute purses this summer that I blogged about—totally out of my price range, but it’s fun to drool!


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