Transitioning A Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

As Summer is creeping to a close (sneaky season), I wanted to talk about transitioning that summer wardrobe into Fall with the perfect seasonal wardrobe staples and accessories …  (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.  Ohhh, am I nerdy today.)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the Fall transition is tough. Not in some monumental way. Though really, a fashion emergency is a fashion emergency … serious stuff, people. Down here in Miami, we’re lucky. It’s almost always hot, with a chance of breeze for about three months in the dead of winter. Then there are 5 to 6 freak days, unexpected, out of the blue, classified as a “cold front” on the local news, where we’re warned to “bundle up.” We break out our one and only coat or leather jacket, tuck our jeans into Uggs that may or may not be out of style, and brave the 56 degree weather. Brrr. But the rest of the world has, like, actual Fall and Winter. Sooo, I’m talking to you, kid.

You all, with the totally disparate seasons.  You spend Spring and Summer stuffing your closet with breezy lightweight pieces, adorable denim cut-off shorts, and flip-flops.  You pull out old favorites from buckets and bins, and you rock florals and cottons like they’re going out of style. Then, little by little (like you wouldn’t notice), the temperatures drop ever-so-slightly, and you’re standing in a mini skirt with eleven blocks to go until artificial heat, and your skin physically hurts.  Stupid Fall.  Ahem, ‘fashion emergency.’

leather jacket // leather leggings // studded leather gloves // cognac leather gloves // aubergine tote // green tote // leopard scarf // polka dot scarf // striped scarf // black booties // opaque tights (my absolute favorite!) // leopard booties // army jacket // striped cardigan // navy cardigan


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