On Anniversary Gifts

When Glam and Sony got in touch with me about Sony’s new film, Hope Springs, a real-life comedy about relationships, love, and marriage, I knew I wanted to be a part of the marital bliss.  I married my high school sweetheart (oh yes, I’m one of those crazy people), and we have years of stories.  Back when my husband I were dating, way back when in the very beginning, he used to bake cookies (not very good cookies, but he baked, and that’s the point), he “decorated” with rose petals, he wrote me song lyrics that at the time, I thought were the best thing, ever.  A total of ten years together and many anniversaries later, and two  full-time jobs (three if you count my obsessive blogging), anniversaries are tough.

But I’d have to say, the very best gift my hubby ever got me was the gorgeous diamond on my finger.  I know it’s cliché, but that ring meant the world.  I knew for a long time that he’d be the boy to put a ring on my finger.  What I didn’t know is that he’d design and sketch it himself, spend months picking the perfect diamond, arguing with jewelers that it had to be yellow gold even though they all wrinkled their noses at him and insisted platinum was better — not to me, and picking the best spot in the world to propose — where we met when I was 16 years old (at the movie theater … where he worked at age 17 … I was like putty.)

The worst anniversary gift he ever gave me … the realization that my diamond ring counts as “the gift” for eternity.  Kidding, sort of.  (And yes, every time he gets in trouble, forgets a mini-anniversary, orrr a not so mini-anniversary, he points to my ring and smiles.  Idiot.)

What was the best anniversary gift your someone special got you?  The worst?

Sony Pictures Presents “Hope Springs”, A new comedy from the director of “The Devil Wears Prada” starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, and Steve Carell. Watch the trailer here.

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    • Lexi

      haha, thank you! It was so impressive!

  1. Anne

    Such a lovely story you two share xoxo

    • Lexi

      Aww, thank you, Anne!

  2. Emily

    I LOVE that your ring is diamonds and yellow gold! So unique and pretty.

    • Lexi

      Why, thank you!

  3. Husband surprised me last year for our anniversary with a trip to Hawaii! He arranged with my boss so that I had the time off and had our accommodations and car rental already taken care of! All I had to do was pack my bag. It. Was. The. Best. …of course now he has to out-do himself every year to come!

    • Lexi

      Okay, WOW! I can’t even imagine my husband planning a whole trip. That is seriously impressive!

  4. bevy

    that ring is so gorgeous. many blessings to yall always.

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much!

  5. Camila

    That it’s very cute to read and special (I like that your ring it is different than all the ones we see around since it is yellow gold).

    My husband’s best gift to me was… mhmmm… last year for our second year anniversary he planned a full on trip to san diego, booked the hotel, made reservations for one of my fav types of food (fondue) and pretty much took care of everything.

    my worst gift probably would be any anniversary before we got married since we paid very little attention to any of those.

  6. Ummm that ring is stunning! I married my high school sweetheart too and today is our 7 year wedding anniversary (total of 13 years together)! Between two full time jobs, an MBA program, 3 dogs and many anniversaries, we only got each other sappy cards!

    • Lexi

      Oh my gosh — happy 7 and 13 year anniversary!! I love fellow high school sweethearts. And we definitely stick to cards most years and the occasional weekend away. I never thought I’d value a long weekend away more than a new handbag!

  7. Anne P.

    hi Lexi! loved your story and love your ring. I too married my high school sweetheart and he is still the love of my life (I’m a lucky girl!). Been married for 20 and together for 26….There have been many great and not so great gifts…My favorite is still the one he gave me about 24 years ago just out of high school…he bought me a promise ring, tied it to stuffed, fluffy green gator from Burdines (forever in my heart that’ll be THE Florida store) put that in a box, then put that box in a bigger TV box with balloons and Hershey kisses. I was thrilled. It had one solitaire diamond that was really quite small but to me it meant the world. I took it off a few years ago when my fingers swelled after one of my pregnancies and it was stolen from my house…I still get teary when I remember my promise ring.

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