Little Love Notes

Dear LuckyFabb + New York Fashion Week, I can’t wait to visit!  (Tickets, booked.)

Dear Friday, I’m so glad you’re here.

Dear week, you have sucked.  We’re not friends at the moment.

Dear Doctors, when delivering crummy news to patients, I’d advise offering up some candy, or at least a sticker.  Just because I’m in my twenties, doesn’t mean a lollipop wouldn’t help.

Dear Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, thank you for your impeccable timing. Today, after work, I will buy boots I don’t need, a coat I most certainly don’t need (Miami is never actually cold), and I will eat a ridiculous plate of french fries at your fabulous cafe, where really I should be ordering salad — but I won’t.

Bp. Bootie //Via Spiga Boot // Indigo by Clarks Bootie // Aldo Boot // Frye Melissa Boot // Steve Madden Boot // Frye Studded Boot // Frye Veronica Boot // Bobbi Brown Anniversary Set



  1. Ali

    The Anniversary Sale makes everything better. I totally bought 2 pairs of boots on a whim…so don’t need them, but definitely don’t regret buying them!

  2. Clemence

    I love reading your little love notes, although I’m sorry to hear you had bad news… Hope it’s not too bad. Sending happy thoughts your way 🙂

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