Little Love Notes

Dear Summer, despite your crazy humid temperatures, I kind of like you. Keep the cherries coming.

Dear crazy low-iodine diet I’m forced to be on for the next two weeks, I hate you.

Dear spammers filling up my blog e-mail inbox with e-mails titled awkward subjects like “Interest in Cooperation”, no I would not be honored to link back to your weird rhinestone/plastics/beanie babies overseas website “at absolutely no charge to me!” (Aren’t I a lucky girl?)  Seriously, stop filling up my inbox.  K, thanks.

Dear Bachelorette, can I have your Frye riding boots?

Dear Lexi, you cannot tackle the 738 projects you have lined up in your head.  Take a chill pill.

Dear insanely organized daily system wall, please magically appear in my home. That would help.

Get the origins of these sweet little love notes, here.




  1. Hannah

    I am loving that organized wall! It would make my day so much easier. I am so doing this.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Lexi

      I think so too! It’s on my ever-growing list of home improvements!

  2. Dear avocado, you are so kermit-green and creamy-delicious, and make lunch-time so much fun…
    Dear black tights, thank-you for covering my ass in dresses that would otherwise display my rear. You also are very comfy and I’m glad my workplace is low-key enough that I can wear you (almost) everyday…
    Dear Lexi, just discovered your site, loving it! xo

    • Lexi

      Okay, I think your love notes are even cooler than mine! SO glad you found my blog — checking yours out now!!

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