Leopard Print Interior Decorating

Today I’m talking leopard print interior decorating, and why I’ll probably be in trouble again …

On many an occasion I’ve talked about the pitfalls of decorating your home in zebra and hot pink when you live with a husband (who prefers not to sit on fuchsia sofas with animal print throw pillows), and yet, I struggle to heed my own advice.  Because today, Pinterest got me again – she showed me leopard prints – on sofas, on wall-to-wall rugs, on office chairs, and in living rooms – and I’m so hooked it hurts.

To see the rest of the fabulous pictures …

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  1. Yes, I’m dying to incorporate some kind of leopard print into my home! I love the pop of fabric on a chair. My husband would probs kill me.

    • Lexi

      Tell me about it! Maybe one pillow?

  2. Amber

    I found the trick was to create my own space in the house (in this case my art studio) where I’m allowed to do whatever I want to the walls/floors/furniture/etc. In return my husband has a similar space (his looks a lot like a bordello by the way, complete with black and white photography of tango dancers). I love the animal prints, but I have to say my favourite piece in the photos in the blue dresser in the background of the dining room photos with the chandelier.

    • Lexi

      That’s a great idea! I actually have a craft room that could use a bit of TLC – thanks!

  3. I think these are great examples of masculine ways to use animal prints, the stair runner is definately my fav. As long as you err on the side of gentlemans club rather than boudoir I think most guys can handle it.

  4. sarah

    i love how it’s just a pop of tasteful leopard print! i don’t see how your husband could mind a nice leopard pillow 😉 love your blog btw… new follower!

  5. Kelley

    Thank you for stopping by my blog to say “hello!” I am so glad you did, because it brought me to your lovely blog! Seriously, SO cute!

  6. alyson

    wow, gorgeous! love how a chic pop of leopard totally customizes a place. The chairs, the ottoman/coffee table… awesome!

  7. I like the touches of it, but the husband would definitely not let me have that in the house. Boys ruin everything!

    • Lexi

      haha, at least when it comes to interior decorating … and patience while shopping!

  8. Molliee

    omg the leopard stairs?!? yes please!

  9. Lucy Martin

    Really loving post..!! Love these decorations which are displayed there. Actually getting this post article I am so impressed. Thanks and keep it up….

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