If I Had a Design Studio …

I’d fill it with streamers.  Jihan Zencirli did just that.  She’s an artist, with a design studio, that she filled with streamers (and balloons and disco balls and handbags and throw pillows).  And I want it all.

Jihan started her company Geronimo! in Seattle, and the business took off from there. She dubs herself a “Certified Balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper” and her art is practically bursting with great big balloons and streamers, thus the awesome studio.

Read more about her art here.

Found via I Art U



  1. Yeah, totally wouldn’t mind working in that environment!

    • Lexi

      Streamers and disco balls would definitely keep me inspired!

  2. Anni

    This is seriously amazing – I think I need these in my photography studio, promote an all-happy all the time mentality!

  3. Ashlyn

    I would love a studio like this! All the streamers and balloons and tassels oh my! Want!!

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