Dress of the Week

I found this stunning ruffle-sleeve dress on tumblr and sadly, I’m struggling to find it’s origin.  What I’ve gathered so far: the look is from Stella McCartney Cruise 2011.  I wonder if there’s a job for online fashion detective …

Image found here



  1. I recently came across a blog called possessionista. She’s a fashion detective in my mind 😉 Happy Friday.

    • glitter&pearls

      Love her blog! She finds everything I see on tv that I want!

  2. This is such a gorgeous statement dress. It reminds me a little of the dress Nicole Kidman wore for her marriage to Mr Urban (I think it was Balenciaga) and it had one statement sleeve ( a sort-of bell, flute-shaped sleeve…)
    I love the ones with something just a leeeetle bit different!

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